Thursday, January 11


Ode to a Tebow:

Leaving high school as one of the most highly sought after quarterbacks...ever: Priceless

Signing a football scholarship with your home state Florida Gators: Priceless

Playing like a veteran as a true freshman and winning the love of the Gator Nation: Priceless

Scoring 2 Touchdowns in a BCS Nation Championship Win: Priceless...

The cost us humans would have to pay for the company of this young lady:

A $1,500.00 bottle of champagne

(click to..ahem...enlarge)


  1. my god, how does she stand up straight????

    some athletes have all the luck....

  2. Not bad. Sure would be hard to hold on to his Christian values these days.

  3. Who the hell is that girl? I've been to Barstool Sports's web sight and there's no sign of her anywhere - although the web site does have quite a few other nice looking young ladies in next to nothing.

  4. somebody out there is trying to start the rumor that it's his sister.

    Yeah, if I was an evangelical preacher, the first thing I'd buy would be some freakishly massive chesticles for my little angel.

  5. Not that ..ahum... I would know...

    but this appears to be the adult industry's "Taylor Little"

    Google for verification. Thats her or this gal's a dead ringer. But in any case congrats to Mr. Tebow.

  6. you guys are mistaken ... that is neither his girlfriend or his sister ... or sadly - the porno girl.

    her name is Erin Drewes and she's just a regular UF girl. They all tend to look like her - and it makes me proud to be a Gator.

  7. I can confirm that this is Erin Drewes, we graduated from the same high school, same graduating class.

  8. I bet Erin hasn't changed one ounce since 9th grade, right Cuban?