Monday, January 8


Hype This!

BCS, Thank you so much for allowing Florida to play Ohio State in the Championship game.

Florida Makes Ohio St. and their Heisman winner look like Special Olympic Bench Warmers.

Congrats, and Thank you to Gators everywhere. You did the conference proud tonight.

The SEC and it's champion have been disrespected for years:

2003 LSU split Championship after BCS Win
2004 Auburn 13-0

In the DeepSouth, was there ever any doubt who plays the best football?

OSU Stats:

Heisman Winner, Troy Smith - 4-14, 35 yards, 0 TDs, 1 INT, 1 Fumble and 5 SACKS (worst Heisman Performance Ever?)

Total Offense (4 quarters) - 82 yards

Some might think I'm being an ass here. Take a look back at the season and the lack of respect for anyone from the SEC and you might understand why it feels justified.

Even so, at least for the moment...

All is right in the College Football World. Go Gators.


  1. 1-2 against the Big 10. Congrats.


  3. 1-0 in the one that counted. I'll put LSU or Auburn up against any Big 10 team and you saw what the best of the SEC can do tonight.

  4. Well, you are being an ass, but I guess if there were a proper time for it, now would be it. It's something that we have come to expect from SEC fans.

  5. Wow, anonymous, that's a pretty self-righteous attitude coming from the only fanbase in D-IA with a documented reputation for defecating in styrofoam coolers on game day.

    If you want to argue SEC/Big Ten on the conferences' actual merits, have at it, but "Your fans are so classless" has been the mantra of the losing team since the beginning of time. Find something else.

  6. I love how Troy Smith said something like "I believe that everything happens for a reason. You lose games this bad for a reason." Yeah Troy, the reason is the SEC is on another level than you media hyped wannabes! LSU spanks the other media darling Notre Dame and Auburn takes care of Nebraska. Sure, UT and Arkansas lay eggs for us, but that happens even to the best of us.
    WAR EAGLE!!!