Sunday, October 19

Effed Officiating

At first, I thought this was one of those dumbass Buffalo Wild Wings commercials, but It's not...It really happened...

Suddenly, I'm hungry for some corndog nuggets

Yeah, there's really no way to shrug that off as "an accident," "the stupid new guy" or "a flashback to Nam." Watch it again.

Don't throw a forearm shiver to my chest and tell me you're "just doing your job," assface! Damn the man.

This play will go down in history as a rallying cry for all those who truly believe the officials are out to get their team. (like myself) That, or you'll forget about it tomorrow. Either way, it's awesomely bad.


  1. He lines up on him like a linebacker...what the hell was he thinking!?!?!

  2. After a while they get tired of thowing the flag, so they just throw a forearm.

    If you want to get into a conspiracy theory, here goes:

    We shat the bed in the swamp. With a big game coming up against UGA, there is lots of money for the SEC, no matter if it's on CB$ or E$PN.

  3. erik = geraldo?? enough with the fucking conspiracy theories.

  4. I almost cannot believe that happened. That is the most egregious thing I have EVER seen a referee do. Has there been any fallout over this? Unbelievable.