Wednesday, October 22

Fear and Loathing in Tuscaloosa

My short and sweet photo essay of gameday at the capstone. What an untapped cornicopia of Bama-Fan-of-the-Week awesomeness...

this guys fanhood is bigger than yours

I guess "RTRMFER" was already taken.

we had the pleasure of joining the proletariat in the upper deck

After a trip to Tuscaloosa, creating "smack shirts" is my new life goal. Apparently there's is a huge market for these things. They're like big, sweaty pseudo-offensive greeting cards, but without the wittiness and/or intentional comedy. Seems that one can say whatever dumb shit one wants, as long as it's bold and cap-locked, asshole. Why sit silently and be thought retarded when your tee shirt can remove all doubt?

(why am I suddenly hearing the opening cords of "Gimmie Three Steps" in my head?) Hell effing yes! Keep on rockin' in the free world, brother. (looks like Kid Rock's portly brother actually) Not only is he sporting the most kickass baseball cap known to man, but he's got the Tuscaloosa waterfall to match. Major credit.

The view from my seats...seriously, I didn't even have to move, just turnaround. (Last row, endzone, baby...that's how we roll) Ah Tutwiler, the girls dorm with so many endearing nicknames. "13 Floors of... Totally Not Promiscuous Young Ladies."

Nothing says crimson stud like a camo team hat, a custom lanyard, a never-scared beard, complete with a pony tail holder.

RTR indeed...would have given more credit if it said "2"

Bear would be so proud

Throughout this glorious Saturday, I realized a thing or two. Going to an Alabama game in Tuscaloosa is like having a party at your house and inviting your friends, plus every Stuckey's, Flying J, Waffle House and Hardee's employee between Bossier City and Valdosta. I'll leave you with this...

Nice tube socks [credit: Heath at AverageSouthernJoes] I love how these fine gentlemen say Ole Miss is the best team Bama's gonna face the rest of the season, then they call for a 24 point victory. "Nick Saban vs. God...who ya got?... Da Tahd."

[More Bama/Ole Miss Photo Coverage from Friends of the Program]


  1. Why did you not bother to take pictures of the Ole Piss fans? Since you failed to bother doing so, I'll provide them for you. And each time you post a pic making fun of ANY SEC fan, I'll be sure to retort with an even better picture your stereotypical Ole Miss River Rat.
    Look out Ole Piss cheerleaders, these two goons steals your spotlight!
    This guy seems "tuff enuff" to lead Ole Piss to a "nashunal champeenship" if he were head coach.
    How many Ole Piss sorority girls are as hot as this one?
    Is she a member of the Ole Piss "marchun baynd"?
    Is the lady to the left going for his crotch?
    Jean shorts--daisy duke jean shorts at that? Cowboy boots? Awesome Ole Piss car? Amazing!
    It's nice to know Obama had a few redneck supporters during the political debate in Oxford.
    Oxford Campaign part 2.
    No comment...
    What to think?
    The women of The Grove.
    The Ole Piss Rifle Club members do appear somewhat hotter than the girls above.
    Talk about fanhood being bigger than yours, this guy can't WAIT to go party down with thousands of tobacco spitting, turkey neck, pot belly Ole Piss River Rats!
    Custom Ole Piss toilet! Awesome!
    How much "sexing" goes on underneath that blanket?
    TALK ABOUT CREATING NEW SMACK SHIRTS BEING A HUGE MARKET, look what "S the coach" has spawned!
    Jorts would complete this trailer park king.
    And this guy is proud to be the official moderator of the unofficial Ole Piss Myspace?
    Unfortunately these Rebel fans couldn't land the wedding gig in Ole Piss' stadium.
    Come on, now, you can't show us those teeth?

  2. What's funny is nobody is going to look at Floridian Blogger's pictures because there's no links, so he just looks stupid.

    Like most Alabama fans.

  3. He looks like he needs attention to validate his sense of self worth. Fortunately, I understand teh interwebs and viewed his photobuckets anyway. All his stuff is posed, photoshopped or not at all related to football. Erik's photos are the real thing, proof that a large percentage of Bama fans are their stereotype.

  4. Erik,

    Please tell us the reason for your inferiority complex towards Alabama. Is it because you're close to someone from that cow college in AuBarn? Is your mean boss an Alabama graduate? As a child, did an Alabama fan bully you and steal your lunch money?

  5. I do not have a dog in the Bama/Ole Miss fight. I do find it interesting to see the photos that were posted as proof of some sort of Mississippi superiority. Having traveled throughout the southeast extensively for the past 14 years, mostly in Mississippi and Alabama, I find that a portion of Ole Miss fans see themselves as the landed gentry of the south. However, that is only because they are being compared to other people in Mississippi. There seems to be some sort of disconnect from reality. Interesting post.

  6. I won't argue with that, dave. Ole Miss has plenty of fans that annoy this shit out of me.

  7. This blog is a massive collection of twenty-something (or, regrettably now, thirty-something) "The Hills" watching textbook douchebag "bra" saying assholes. I CANNOT keep from checking it daily.

    Erik, you rock. Or not. Keep it up bra!

  8. i personally have always agreed with dave. any sec fan making fun of any other sec team's fanbase is truly pissing in the wind.

    stephen = the first person i've ever seen reference "the hills" or say "bra" on here. so who's the douchebag again??

  9. ... and it's brah not bra douchebag, you know, just sayin'.

  10. Most of you are missing the point here. Making fun of Bama fans is fun - especially if you are from or ever lived in the state of Alabama. We're quite aware that every fan base has their share of rednecks (even Vandy). With Ole Miss, the majority of the fans you see at a games are alumni and their families. In Tuscaloosa, Baton Rouge and Knoxville, this isn't the case. Granted, I'd rather be able to fill up a 90,000 seat stadium. But, it is what it is. You fill up your huge stadiums and win championships. We'll party in the Grove, wish we had a bigger stadium and make fun of the majority of your fans. Deal?

    Oh, and floridan, you're trying way too hard. I'd hate to know how much time you wasted doing that.

  11. Robert,

    Judging by your lack of self-control on this subject, I bet you never even played football.

    See how stupid that sounded?



  12. You didn't answer my question, S. You never played football, did you? And I don't feel as though it sounded that stupid. It cracks me up how so many "football fans" light up the internet with football commentary, yet they have never actually strapped on a chin strap. However, I bet you were the loudest cheerer in your high school student section...

    Yours truly,

  13. Robert, Robert, Robert, Robert. Seriously?

    First of all, we haven't been engaging in "football commentary". The discussion has been about fans. I like to make fun of redneck Alabama fans. You don't. I call bullshit on Ole Miss students who root for other schools. You don't. What the hell does that have to do with playing football, pray tell?

    Having that been said, why must one have played football to comment on the game anyway? Is it not possible to understand the rules, watch the game, study the game, etc. without having played football? Are there not football coaches out there who never even played the game?

    My point was that the whole "I bet you never played football" response is one of the worst arguments made on message boards. You see it all the time. Two posters will have an argument on playcalling or whether or not a coach made the right decision or whether or not a player is good and, inevitably, one of them will pull the "you never played football" card. With few exceptions, it's irrelevant to the discussion.

    Oh, and to answer your question, no I did not play football in high school. Forgive me, Biff.

    Btw, I was sincere when I said I had you all wrong as far as Ole Miss goes. Kudos for rooting on the Rebs in Tuscaloosa.