Wednesday, October 1

My Late Powerpoll Ballot

tasteless rape joke?

Quick, it's midnight, lightning round!...

1. LSU - Shaved wildebeests

2. Alabama - Back? October can be tricky

3. Florida - Teabagged

4. Georgia - Spooners

5. Ole Miss - (insert tired Nutt joke here)

6. Vandy - Bye week - yeah, They're below Ole Miss...Rebs/Dores ATL rematch?

7. Kentucky - Badass undefeated? or Norfolk St., Middle Tennessee and Western KY? The later

8. Auburn - Eff Todd

9. South Carolina - Less Smelley, more offensive

10. Tennessee - One more nail in his big fat fatty coffin

11. Mississippi State - A 285 yard offensive explosion! Seriously...major credit, Woody McCorvey, you no-talent-ass-clown

12. Arkansas - Might as well hang em up...The cupboard is bare, right?


  1. Is Tebow getting the double team?

  2. dont we have the AP rankings,this ole miss crap is ridiculous. why isnt vanderbilt and auburn ahead of them. you cant expect people to take your rankings seriously.