Monday, October 27

Sleeveless in Sylacauga?

It seems Jamezzz ain't the only drunk and lonely Tider crying out for attention on a Saturday night. NoShame's actually got some stiff competition here. No, this self proclaimed "cowboy" ain't from Sylacuaga...He's actually from Tennessee (but he don't like no orange). He's a lifetime Tider that's "only been watchin' Bama for a while." I'm torn...

[warning: profanity laced with excessive facial hair]

Who's wins this Neck-off? I put it to a vote on your right.



  1. He must of spent a week's pay on the webcam... tighten up Baby! You damn right!

  2. Well I was having a bad day until I saw this....

  3. I could have a beer with "Cowboy" (and probably be wildly entertained), but I'd be scared out of my mind to spend any sort of time with "NoShameJamezzz". Am I the only one that feels that way?

  4. A nice study in contrast between the upland hick and deep South redneck. Any sociologists out there?

  5. No Ole Piss fans on YouTube (other than the jort wearing, shirt-less guys), so I'll kindly provide you guys with one picture literally defining the beauty of the Grove on gameday!

    Hotty Toddy!