Wednesday, October 8

That Was Quick

"Step Into My Office, Tony..."

No, I'm not talking about the famed fretless bassist of White Snake. Auburn's OC is SOL.

Auburn offensive coordinator Tony Franklin was relieved of his duties Wednesday halfway through his first season of directing a spread offense that never caught fire. Franklin is no longer on the coaching staff, said an Auburn official.

Head coach Tommy Tuberville told the team 3:30 of the dismissal.

"After evaluating where we are at this point of the season offensively, I felt it was in the best interest of the Auburn football program to make this change," Tuberville said. "I'm not satisfied with where we are and I am personally going to take a larger role with the offense the remainder of the season. We are going to work harder than ever to make sure we consistently improve as we move forward."

This should be interesting. Tuberville, the defensive-minded coach from way back, is gonna be "taking a more active roll in the offense." CEO Tuberville hasn't taken an active roll in anything actually football related in years. What will all those "spread" recruits think about the new Tubby offense?

Crazy! I don't know, I'm sure it's just some wild, baseless rumor. I feel like somebody just told me that Clay Aiken is gay.

a classic and classy photo from The Birmingham News



  1. Well, well. It looks like Tommy "The only way I'm leaving Oxford is in a pine box" Tuberville has found himself in a tough predicament. It could not happen to a better person. And to think, all those supporters of that Cow College blasted Saban for leaving Miami. Say what you will about Nick Saban, but he didn't leave Miami for another team in the AFC East the way Tubs left Ole Miss for another SEC West team. What Tubs did was far, far worse, yet supporters of AuBarn seem to forget that while cursing Nick Saban. I hope Alabama's little sister loses every game remaining on the schedule. And no, Erik, I do not care that your wife went to that Cow College. Did she major in Poultry Science or Bovine Research? And I also do not care that, apparently, some Alabama fan used to steal your lunch money as a child. Because that would be the only plausible explanation for your unadulterated, unfounded hatred of Alabama.

  2. That last picture makes me feel really bad for the guy.

  3. Robert, it's not paranoia if they're really out to get you, right?

    Just to get your loose bearings straight, this Tiger is from the team that has only beaten you the last five times, rather than six. I've got no hate for Saban, and I'll always be grateful for what he did while he was here. He appears to have y'all on course, even ahead of schedule. But don't try to act like coming back to the West after a (very) brief hiatus is any better than just taking the plunge. Nobody's buying that shit stock.

    Finally, leave wives out of this.

  4. I read yesterday that they are sticking with the spread despite the fact that none of the other coaches have run it before. I'm sure that's to satisfy recruits that came there to showcase their talents in the spread, but unless he's going to hire someone credible right away, I can't see how that's going to work for them. I feel bad for those players... I think it would have been better for Tubs to stick with it and tell everybody it takes time to get a team adapted and comfortable with a new system. This isn't the pros and you can't expect kids to be able to jump right in and reverse course like you can in the pros. New kids are young. I think this just shows how uncommitted Tubs must be on this new system, and that's inexcusable.

  5. At least he got $600,000 from them over two years.

  6. 43-23-5... artiger- do you know what that # is, the last 7 years have been a historical outlier for lsu football largely because of the coach that is currently is Tuscaloosa..enjoy lsu football's adjustment to its historical mean(mediocrity)

  7. Livin' in the past...should have known that was coming. And I already said, I've got nothing but gratitude for ole' St. Nick.

  8. artiger,

    First of all, you're right about the wives comment. I had no business bringing Erik's spouse into the argument. I just know he's commented on her going to Auburn, so I let it slip. Also, I am an Ole Miss alum, and I pull for the Rebels. However, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Alabama and its unarguable great tradition and history of winning. I also have very little respect for Auburn, seeing as it is the Mississippi State of the state of Alabama. It's the little sister Ag school, and it blows my mind how Erik constantly refers to Alabama fans as the Rednecks of the SEC. Only State could challenge AuBarn for that distinction.

  9. " is the Mississippi State of the state of Alabama."


    I like Auburn, but I couldn't help but laugh. Good one.

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  11. Very well said, Robert!

    Then again, being that his imaginary girlfriend is a proud (lol) alumni of The Polytechnic Institute, I think the underlying hatred that all Barnies have for the fatherly institute, Alabama, may have rubbed off on him.

    It's completely understandable when more students show up for weekend rodeos, hosted by The Polytechnic Institute, than they do football games seeing how that's the only proper method of "fun" they have in that uncivilized farming community (the Moultrie, GA of Alabama).

    Did you meet this girl at one of their five bars, during a D-list country music concert? Or was it at The Farmhouse Fraternity Annual Rodeo Classic event?

    It's great to be an Aufarm Cowgirl...

  12. Floridian Blogger,

    To borrow a line from one of your fellow Gators, Orson Swindle: 100 cocktails to you, sir!

  13. He's not a Gator, Robert. He's a UCF grad who runs a tanning salon and loves Alabama football.

  14. Robert, I hate Ole Miss alums like you. You tried to gloss over it with "I pull for the Rebels. However, I have a tremendous amount of respect for Alabama". I'm calling bullshit. Cocksucking motherfucking bullshit. Admit it. You went to Ole Miss. But, you're an Alabama fan because you're a pussy. Fuck you and fuck anybody who doesn't have the balls to go with the school they attended 100%. I knew asshats like you when I was in school. Once met a fuckface at the Library who was a senior at Ole Miss and not only still rooted for Bama - but admitted to rooting for the Tide over Ole Miss. Fuck that.

    You fuckers want to go to Oxford and enjoy the town and campus and ladies and Greek system and Grove and be "southern" but you're too big of a pussy to be a true Rebel and suffer like the rest of us. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    That is all.

  15. S,

    I sat in the Alabama section with my blue shirt, red shaker, and vocally pulled for Ole Miss (albeit not obnoxiously). You run your mouth too damn much, you son of a bitch. And even if there are Ole Miss alums that pull for their home state school, fucking get over it. You go to a UNIVERSITY, not to a place that exists solely to watch a football team. Judging by your lack of self-control on this subject, I bet you never even played football. That's true, isn't it?

  16. Congrats on supporting the team. Maybe I had you all wrong. But, yes it is bullshit that we have students who root for other schools.

    Oh, and using this line: "Judging by your lack of self-control on this subject, I bet you never even played football."

    in any argument is fucking stupid, by the way. (Unless, of course, the argument is centered on whether or not a person had played organized football.)