Monday, October 27


Wish I could do this on a wakeboard...

Saban nods his approval after Maze's "selfish" celebration penalty last week.


  1. Seeing that hit live at the game was ridiculous...but we won...RTR

  2. Eric Berry is a STUD! Sadly the only one on that entire team.

    Jesse W.

  3. Great hit...........but please remind me what was the final score of the game?

    I love that you envy Bama so much.

    I love that you spend hours of your time trying to find stuff on the internet that make the Alabama fans look stupid.

    I love it even more that you have this blog just to show your deep seeded hate for Alabama.

    And I really think that I'll enjoy the friendly dialogue that I'm going to have with you.

  4. So what. Does Ole Miss or Auburn even have a team anymore?

  5. "So what. Does Ole Miss or Auburn even have a team anymore?"

    Well if you look at the current records of both of those teams you'd have to laugh. Because in my line of thinking; and you can correct me if I'm wrong, it looks a little bit like they both suck this year.

    Maybe he needs to put up a YouTube video showing Ole Miss getting spanked or how about an Auburn video from the West Virginia game.

  6. Erik either:

    A) Either lost his first "soul mate" to an Alabama fan.

    B) Was never able to eat lunch in high school simply because Alabama fans always stole his lunch money.

    C) Had an older brother graduate from Alabama, who was the pride and joy in the eyes of his parents.

    D) Never received a "donation" from an Alabama fan on his EDSBS wannabe blogspot. :-D

    I find it humorous how he finds random images of lower class Alabama fans and tries to blow them up acting as if the Ole Miss fan base is flawless. That's almost similar to hearing George Bush claim Albert Einstein was incompetent when it came to mathematics. Mississippi is the most uncivilized, backwards state, full of your stereotypical southern rednecks, and 75% of that cause supports Ole Miss.

    He encourages his "fans" to send him images of various, lower-class SEC fans, so for any of you who are unfortunate enough to live in Mississippi, please send him an arsenal of pictures containing Ole Miss' finest... It shouldn't be very hard to snag one on a daily basis either.

  7. Wow, Erik, you have some haters! I thought the UT defense did a good job of keeping BAMA on thier toes. I was very happy with how we played the 2nd half though.

  8. bamagirl, if you think Erik is one iota interested in talking football, you haven't read much of this blog. now send him a picture of some toothless sasquatch with an Alabama hat on so he can make more fun of the #2 rankde, 8-0 Crimson Tide, regardless of how long ago it lost its humor for this year.

  9. "regardless of how long ago it lost its humor for this year."

    Maybe he's not getting the funny like we're getting the funny now that the Tide is 8-0. I wouldn't be surprised if he's going to church hoping and praying that the Tide lose their last few games; just so he can continue to make negative comments about Alabama fans.

    I've read back to some of his older "stuff" and it looks to me like he's got some real deep anger issues that Dr. Head Schrink needs to address. I hope he doesn't hurt himself if Alabama has a 10 win season. But who knows, losing those last couple of game might bring out more hate from him.

    I'm also thinking a few more Bama wins and he goes to moderated comments.

    But then I don't want to speculate; I'm starting to like it here.......and the more the Tide wins, the more I'm going to like posting on Erik's blog.

  10. I'll say this, I know Erik and he's a good guy. So regardless of how tired you get of the Alabama slamming, don't be too ruthless on him. He throws a mean party.

  11. Who can say this moron is a good guy? He refers to the Houndstooth twins as "two ugly attention whores". He called a beautiful woman who snapped a picture with Nate (which Erik stole from his My Space), a "sororstitute". I only wish a boyfriend of some sort would've spotted him out in T-Town and rightfully beat him the way most every team has done The Ole Miss Rebel-Necks since the Vaught-Hemmingway (whoever those to goons may be) era(s).

    His attempt at creating the closest blogspot to Every Day Should Be Saturday is an epic failure. And for the love of all that is holy, does your Polytechnic Institute fan girlfriend actually get her degrees worth, or not? Do you seriously ASK for donations on this EDSBS second rate, rip-off site? Or did you and her move the single-wide from Wire Road to B'ham, and only work from home out of it (by running this poorly designed blog)? And what does she do, carry on her Aubarn ways by attending every rodeo that tours through B'ham on the weekends, while you set at home, making fun of others only to boost your moral?

    You are pathetic (and so is your Ole Piss program, fans, and state)!

  12. "stephen said...
    I'll say this, I know Erik and he's a good guy. So regardless of how tired you get of the Alabama slamming, don't be too ruthless on him. He throws a mean party."


    Everyone is entitled to an opinion; you might like him and think he's kind of funny and a nice guy. That's your opinion and that's fine.

    But I've just gone deeper into this blog of his and I'm seeing just how mean spirited and unfunny he is. If he was even a little funny I could look past some of his boorishness, but every post he makes is the same old dribble about the redneck fan base of Alabama. He really takes the fun out of this blog; and to think I came here to satisfy my unquenchable thirst for sports enlightenment.

    It's his blog and he can do what he wants with it; but he should know that if others read his rants and return the hate it's fair play. Strother Martin said it best in Cool Hand Luke......"if he wants, it he gets it."

    Something tells me that he enjoys throwing this garbage up here; because he gets a lot of attention by doing so. Read back and look at what he's been doing; it's this same stuff day in and day out. These posts are so predictable that once you look at a couple of days of this crap you see that same pattern over and over again. Even bad comedians change their act once and awhile, he needs to a least make it funny.

    Give me a reason to laugh.

    He's not funny, not even close.

  13. There are tons of blogs out there that talk about how great alabama is. I like reading those too. I'm confident enough in my own fanhood to enjoy Erik's blog. I like to see other perspectives. I'm sure Erk has a lot of nice Alabama friends as well as Auburn and Ole Miss.

  14. Wow, Erik you are getting hosed...fantastic...Y'all need to get a life...and I'm a Bama fan. Lighten up

  15. Relax, I have been coming to this site for a while now. I laugh at almost every post no matter who is taking the shot. This is by far one of the most humerous blogs on the internet. Keep em coming.

  16. Ditto volfan. I like to look at a lot of other teams' sites, and I get just as big a kick out of the corndog jokes as anything else. For those of you that are a little on the sensitive side, either don't read here, or just realize that by taking things so personally, you just make them more funny. And I don't think Erik is so thin-skinned that he'll be affected when you complain and (try to) insult him back.

  17. One video of a bama player getting smacked and all the bama fans get their panties in a wad. I love it.

  18. seriously, seeing folks get their panties in a wad makes me want to not be a Bama fan...y'all give the intelligent/level headed minority a bad name...bham is a breeding ground for Bama material and Erika gets it all from jackasses that can't take a joke...But y'all keep getting pissed and giving him more material...RTR