Thursday, November 16

State Championship Week In The Heart Of Dixie

Thumb or Dumb?

In honor of Iron Bowl week, I present to you an Oldie but a Goodie. I wonder if this "artist" was thinking of Coach Mike Shula when he wrote this little diddy...

Bama's Gonna Be Back

"I...I...I'd really like it if ya-ya-you'd score a touchdown...please"

Mal give another resounding vote of confidence

Auburn Fans hope Tuberville can Avoid Bad Transitions, not to mention all the turnovers

Will The Streak Continue?

It's no "Brodie's Last Pass" credit:


  1. 8 days since a post. I'm starving despite all the turkey. Give me some material!!! These are crucial times. I mean, BAMA fiasco, Miami firing Coker. You think BAMA now feels the heat to find a new coach now that a powerhouse like Miami is searching too?

  2. I agree with that guy, your killing me. You better be crippled and in the hospital (not just working but actually in intensive care). Shula got fired, this is a great time for anything, post anything. I guess you are letting this site die, like Shulas career.