Wednesday, November 1

Alabama Recently Named "The Best University in the World"

Harvard's Shaking in Its Topsiders

"I know coach Croom wanted me to be there. He was very disappointed when I decided to come to the best university in the world."

This comes to us, according to a new study headed up by Tuscaloosa Scholar-Athlete, Jimmy Johns.

The Tider Nation emphatically agrees with the study, on the basis of "the overall Class of the University and... well...Bear Bryant." Interestingly enough, a majority of said fans have never attended a game or a class on the Tuscaloosa campus.

The Sophomoric Running Back, Johns, also went on to say, "This is where I want my son going. It's a football town. It has great tradition."

No word yet on Johns Jr's Achievement Test scores, but we're sure he will uphold that tradition of excellence...if/when he meets the Universities ever-so-selective standards.

Unfortunately, the Capstone can't celebrate this worldwide title for long...

The Ms. Universe pageant is less than a month away, and the competition from Uranus is surprisingly stiff.

I don't see Alabama on this list. Hmmm...Must be a mistake:

from TheTimesOnline


  1. Oh Ericka trying to stir the pot are you? I liked the clip of Willis chasing down McFadden. One question though, how did that one end up. Good game against BAMA but again the Rebs fall short.

    Haven't seen your SEC West grades in a while. Is it b/c your mad the only bowl Ole Miss will go to this year is the Egg Bowl (btw how did that one turn out last year)

  2. Russ with zero sense of humor and the same old lines!

    Bama fan's are in no position to talk about In state rivals. At least Ole Miss doesn't have to fear the thumb against Auburn, much less Miss. St.

    You haven't seen grades lately cause work's a bitch.

    I'd still put Bama and Ole Miss on the same grade though.


    The only difference in Bama and Ole Miss is scheduling.

    Wake and Mizzou are Top 25 Calibur. Duke, FIU and LA Monroe are Bottom 25 Calibur.

    Oh, and Ole Miss atually went on the road Out-Of-Conference.

    Strong work though. Bama hasn't beat a quality opponant this season either! (notice that includes Ole Miss)

    Hey, at least yall've still got shula.

    Has Mal contacted John L. Smith yet?

  3. Hawaii will be our "signiture win" this year....good job Shula