Monday, November 6

Football Playas Be Ballin'

A Disturbing Trend That is Sweeping The Nation

This is a PSA for all those football fans who are as Ignorant as I am. I've done some extensive research to determine just what the hell football players, of all shapes and sizes, are doing firing up pseudo-jump shots after big football plays.

As Ironic and witty as it all seems to be, I knew it had to be linked to the ever-brilliant Hip-Hop scene.

Since I consider myself to be somewhat of an adult... and rational, I don't follow the scene. While good background music while getting crunk at the club, Rap doesn't exactly lend to high levels of brain activity.

A few of the most common, repetitive themes:

A) I'm Rich, Bitch! - Look at Me

B) I'm Drunk and/or High - Look at Me

C) I've got Multiple Whores whom I Know in the Biblical Sense - Look at Me

D) I'm Somewhat Relevant - Look at Me

E) I'm Really, Painfully Good At Basketball...That's Why I Rap - Look at Me

F) There's No substance to My Life and/or Character and I'm Morally Bankrupt - Look at Me

Crap, I sound like somebody's Dad!

I guess I'm just jealous of these fellas who are ballin' out of control. Yep...I'm a Hater.

Anyways, It seems The New York Giants are bringing much undue notoriety to a Jim Jones (not #1, but #2, #3, and 4) song/video "We Fly High." (click here to see this groundbreaking video!)

Here's a few clips of this already tired maneuver that will surely make its way to a flag football game near you...

I can't wait to see Eli Manning fire one of these up on Sunday Night Football!

- NFL Players Shooting Jumpt Shots During Games? Blame Jim Jones


  1. Amen to the rant on hip hop. I can listen to that crap and just be completely puzzled as to how that will or did net the thug on the other end of the mic millions.

  2. Don't hate... Congratulate. Those ni@@as be ballin'! You know you'd like to live their life.

  3. your failed attempt to define hip-hop is like me describing a Good Charlotte concert and stating that's rock and roll. Peep out a Common or Pharoahe Monch CD then holla back at me about what hip-hip/rap is all about.

    closed-minded idiot

  4. Whatever, Fatass. 95% of rap music is self absorbed crap, and you know it.

    Just because you named one or two artists that might "spit rhymes" and have some splinter of talent doesn't excuse the rest of the genre from sucking donkey balls.

    Did you know that every 30 seconds in America another rapper steals the hook from a classic oldie and makes millions? Pathetic.

    Consider hip-hop defined.

  5. buddy... we fly high, thats right, dat shit is fallin' you not right, aight, you make dis suckin'

  6. "Dis suckin" Ouch. I think I just got served.

  7. Hip hop today is an incredible force upon American youth and even beyond on a global level. Hip hop and rap has created entirely new industries such as the hip hop jewelry genre, upgraded the look of the common drinking cup to the majestic looking pimp cups, has virtually created a new and expanding language, and have even affected the automotive industry with such bold customizations as large spinning bling bling wheels and transformed fashion and clothing in an unprecedented way and so much more. Hip hop is no doubt way more influential and powerful than rock and roll. Word to your mother.

  8. half of you have listened to this new rap music and have stereotyped the whole genre. while this new rap is horrible there are some gems in there. Listen to some good stuff
    i could write the same article about rock music making boys wear jeans my sister wears and be called a retard and the "n" word, but i wouldn't do that ... Please think before you write this crap.