Friday, November 3

CFN Drops Some Knowledge On Yo Ass

One Reason Why OSU May Not Be The Best Team In CFB

5. The Big Ten isn’t exactly the SEC this season

Florida has had to face the nation’s No. 1 (LSU), No. 14 (Georgia), No. 18 (Alabama), No. 24 (Auburn), and No. 31 (Tennessee) defenses, and still has to face the No. 37 (South Carolina) and No. 16 (Florida State) Ds. Would Ohio State beat all those teams? In a one game shot, I think so, but ask the Gators about the cumulative effect of playing a nasty defense week in and week out. Ask LSU what it's like to play road games at Florida, at Auburn, at Tennessee and at Arkansas.

Pete Fiutak, College Football News

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