Thursday, January 10

Bama Fan of the Week

JaMarcus and His Amazing Technicolor Dream-Sweater


An up close photo of the Bama themed hubcap from a previous occasion - Apparently the "BAMA BOY" elephant went over so well, he decided to wear it an LSU game...his Alma Mater [Hat Tip: Dave]

What the hell? Way to rep your state, Russell. Lesson #1: Just because it's expensive (as i'm sure the sweater was) doesn't exactly make it good. Hey, next time why don't you wear a Faberge egg on a chain around your neck? That would look just about as "gangsta" as your current get up. Damn, even Troy Smith is laughing at him, and that guy sucks.

Anyway, somebody finally uploaded the "interview" of Russell and Smith from the BCS Championship Game where JaMarcus attempts to speak English and rep his Crimson Tide...


  1. Russell hasn't even played that much this year. I'm going to hate listening to him and seeing what else he wears after he gets knocked around a few times.

  2. Hey, I went to Samford, and I cheer for Alabama! What's the difference? ;)

  3. true. And I'm sure you own the "Bama Girl" version of this timeless piece. You probably wear it to all the Samford Bulldog games.

  4. I am an LSU alumni, and this was pretty embarassing. Troy Smith speaks way better than JR. However, the Bama Boy medallion is for a record label he is involved with. It is a pretty well known tidbit around the LSU community.

  5. I see. Even if he is attempting to promote his record label, that knowledge doesn't make him look (or sound) any less retarded. You'd think he could use some of that involvement (read: money he wipes his ass with) to come up with an even sweeter, more imaginative, less-confusing embarrassment to put around his neck.

  6. he does sound un-educated, no doubt about that. JR is not known for being a "smart" QB though.