Friday, January 25

F Drama

Big 10 grad, Dana Jacobson, keepin' it real [deadspin]

Wow. A woman got drunk and embarrassed herself. Stop the press? Or, wait. Maybe we could talk about this skank ad nauseum like she's some kind of She-Imus.

Welcome to off-season life here in the Deep South, folks. It's a Birmingham radio host's dream story. Thoroughly stir up the Bible-Belters and watch the scripture quoting calls roll in. All week.

Enough is enough. I'd rather hear about a thrilling Sabres vs. Maple Leafs match up than endure yet another caller on a sports-talk discuss "the condition of that young woman's heart and soul."

Why do we even care about Jacobson? I barely even recognized her prior to this, and now she's a household name? (sorry, didn't exactly Tivo "Cold Pizza") This types a stuff happens all the time. Reality tv is practically fueled by alcohol induced drama. Are we worried about the souls of all the "cast members" of The Bad Girl's Club? Oh no. No way. Those ladies aren't nearly as important as Dana Jacobson.

By the way, what is getting this dumb woman fired do for anybody?


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  1. First thought is "I remember my first drunk", but no way, she's been to the well before.

    CBS fired Jimmy the Greek for less than this. Then again, the PC Police was in its infancy back then. I am surprised ESPN is even taking notice of Christian group protests, but, hey, this is Notre Dame we're talking here, and NBC would probably be more than happy to give the offended a stage. Can't let that happen. I guess it all depends on who's offended and who did the offending. If this would have been a douche like Herbstreit dissin' a Muslim, what in the world would ESPN have done?

    The thing is, I agree with Dana, F* Notre Dame, and they should be ashamed for exploiting the Savior (Touchdown Jesus? Does that mean the rest of us sin when we score?) But before climbing on the Jacobson bandwagon, I'd have to say that after checking her pic, the heavy set jaw is a bit of a turnoff. Something kind of tranny in it.

    Shit, I just wrote all of that. It is the dead season. Hurry up spring football.