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DeepSouthSports' Best of 2007

Why does everybody insist on putting out their "Best of '07" lists before the years even done? Here at, we do things the right way, or we don't do them at all. Usually, it's the later. None the less, on the last day of the 2007 College Football season, I must say, It was a great year to be a fan. So much to enjoy, so much pain shared by all...and therefore, so much to make fun of. If only 2008 can capture some of that same magic.

Best College Football Team: The University of Georgia - It's not how you start, but how you finish that matters. (I'm going with The Dawgs, pending some insanity in tonight's BCS National Championship game)


Best College Football Game: Appalachian State 34, Michigan 32 - A D-IAA Southern school embarrassing a "Big 10 Power." What more you could you ask for? (even though Lloyd exacted a smidgen of revenge against UF in Orlando).


Best Deep South College Football Game: Kentucky 43, LSU 37 (3OT) - Both teams fighting for their undefeated lives. Did anybody see this coming preseason? Never in a parallel universe could I have ever imagined that the entire bar I was at in suburban Chicago would stop to watch the end of a Kentucky football game. That's the power of SEC Football.


Best Uber-Douche Player: Colt Brennan - Hawaii - Nice hair.


Best Uber-Douche Coach: Jim Levett - South Florida - Nice face.

Best Uber-Douche Fan(s): Tiger Pimp Nation - This was a tough one (so many worthy contenders), but as Saban would say, It's always fun to rip on a coonass. Or multiple connasses. What an embarrassment to an already somewhat Cousin-Eddie-esque fanbase...


Best Super-Stallion Player: Felix Jones - Arkansas - This badass never seems to get enough credit. 2007's numbers: 1164 yards at 8.74 per carry (which happens to lead the nation). Can you say "underutilized" and/or "undervalued?"

Best Super-Stallion Coach: Brian Kelly -Cincinatti - In his first season at the helm, Kelly made people fear the Bearcats...In Football. Just take a look at his numbers and get back to me, a-hole.


Best Movie: No Country for Old Men - Outstanding. A must see for all heterosexual males.

why is the older brother from the goonies pointing a gun at us?

Best TV: Dexter - My advice: Get Netflix, find an open weekend and rattle off Season 1, ASAP. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

DEXTER (Season 2)

Best Sports Related Book I Read This Year: The Courting of Marcus Dupree by Willie Morris - This amazing, world renown author bring his unique style back home to Mississippi as he tells the tale of a big time "5 Star" running back's sordid recruitment. This book has as much to do with the unique culture of small town Mississippi as it does football. Good or bad, Morris vividly reveals how little has really changed in the 25 years since the books publishing.

Willie Morris

Biggest Blog Post: Talladega Days: The Ballad Of Matthew Stafford - I'd dare say, half the people who who first visited this site, did so because of this post heard round the South. Thanks, Matty.


Most Awful Announcing: Mike Patrick...

Most Awful Officiating: Alabama vs Ole Miss - This end-of-game call made absolutely no effing sense whatsoever. Thanks for screwing a great game, Doyle.


Best College Football Related Youtubery: Fake Lou Holtz - Cause it doesn't get much better than making fun of the elderly...especially when they have dementia coupled with a speech impediment...

Best Photo: Wes Byrum (Auburn) - after kicking a long winning field goal thus beating his home-state, undefeated, defending national champion Florida Gators (not once, but twice) on their home field. Post gator chop as well. In football, the life of a freshman kicker doesn't get much better than this...on the field, at least...


Best Bama Fan of the Week: The Party Crasher - A personal experience always tops a second-hand video or picture in my book. Especially when the rogue (read: wasted), middle aged Tider rides up to the party on his kid's Huffy. (I'll try and add an blurred image later today - to protect the not-so-innocent).

Best Will Muschamp Inspired Tee Shirt Idea: "BOOM, MF'ER!" -Even though potty-mouthed Muschamp is now dead to us in the SEC, his legacy will live on through this lively graphic based on this infamous clip..

[not sure who to credit for the above graphic found on edsbs]

and last but certainly not least...

The Britney Spears Award For Excellence (for the biggest media scandal whore of 2007): Nick M. effing Saban! - In 2007, This guy couldn't squat down to pee (like you know he does) without brushing up against the cold and wet toilet seat of scandal. If he wasn't telling bold faced lies in Miami, he was snatching kisses from DUI-bait at the Tuscaloosa airport, or committing recruiting violations, or "Not having time for this s**t" with the media or losing to Louisiana-Monroe, or selling out his players, or compairing the tragic death of thousands of Americans to a collegiate football game. Saint Nick's had a busy year. Saban also managed to fall from the heavens in 2007. Yep, he's back to mere millionaire mortal status after stumbling and bumbling to an underwhelming 7-6 record. Something tells me there won't quite be 92,000 at the spring game in 2008. But you never know...Crootin' looks strong.

When the price was right, Saban was extremely honored to join such an exclusive coaching fraternity [LWS]

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