Tuesday, May 6

Bama Fan of the Week


Meth's a hell of a drug. As is Crimson Tide football. There's nothing quite like a fall Saturday stroll through the Bryant drive flea markets, eatin' funnel cake in my hounds tooth baseball cap, effed up on methamphetamine. I get all tachycardic just thinking about it.

Damn, that's some high quality photoshopage. I have several people to thank: EDSBS for the verbiage...To see more of this brand of dark, disturbing comedy visit The Great Barstoolio...and the heads up from Steven Godfrey. Not to mention the original source material: The Montana Meth Project - whose website has never been more popular. Go meth jokes!


  1. as usual in parodies, the bama one is best.

  2. This is piling on, but a friend passed this one along:


    The only thing better than meth jokes would be Baptist jokes.