Wednesday, May 14

Swifty was One Potty Mouthed Toad Sucker

I'm ashamed to say, I've never seen this movie. Actually...No I'm not ashamed, because I grew up in a Christian home...In the Bible Belt with morals and what not. (He-Man was even of the Devil) So I wasn't exposed to such chicanery, like sinful reader Clint, who sent me this foul mouthed little bit of Deep South folklore called "Six Pack." (Kenny Rodgers has "Oscar-worthy" written all over him) ...

Swifty is quite the colorful character...he masterfully blends "Shove it!", "Kiss off!" and "Fungus Faced Toad Sucker" with "Son's of Bit**es" and "S**t, Mister's." Why hold back, Swift? This was back in the good old days...when "PG" meant anything short of some Kim Cattrall tatas in Porky's.

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