Thursday, May 29

Best State of Alabama Youtubery Ever

This is a heads up battle for the best Youtube video produced in the state of Alabama. It makes me so happy, that to millions of viewers around the world, this is what they think of, other than Forrest Gump, when they think Alabama...

Montgomery -

I think he just served you your ass on a dinette set. OH YEAH!


Mobile -

Could be a crack head! Or it could be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

I'd like to see your state do better than that. A combined 9 million views. Can we get a national championship banner up in this bitch? Make sure to rock the vote. Make your voice heard in the poll over to your right...


  1. Erik, I live in Mobile and I swear to god I was actually there. Some radio station spread the rumor and me and my hammered buddies went to the hood and laughed our ass off. There were like a thousand people out there.

  2. major credit, anon. Did you find where the gold at?