Thursday, May 29

Fluff Piece Season

"8th Time's the Charm"

This is when we rank everything and tell you our self-important, extremely flawed and obviously biased opinions on stuff.

Here, some Rivals writer gives us this meaningless, devoid of reason fluff on Alabama's upcoming season. Of all the SEC programs, this is why Alabama is the team on the rise...

LUCK IS TURNING: The numbers might be on Nick Saban's side. All of Alabama's losses – six of them – came by a touchdown or less. And there were signs of hope in the bowl game: After losing the last four games of the regular season by an average of 6.5 points, the Crimson Tide beat Colorado 30-24 in the Independence Bowl.

Why does everyone seem to think Bama's gonna be better this season? Seriously? Give me something more than "Well, it's Saban's second year" or the aforementioned BS about "all of Alabama's losses came by a touchdown or less." What the writer fails to mention was that four of Alabama's seven wins came by a touchdown or less...they lost their best playmakers on defense, the wide receiver core is green as hell, and SJPW is on his third offensive coordinator in as many years...And he didn't exactly look like a world beater in 2007. Not to mention the fact that Nick Saban has proven to be a mediocre on-the-field coach/motivator.

You're gonna hear a lot of opinions this summer, but in this experts eyes, all this adds up to a Shreveport hat-trick for the Crimson Tide.


  1. and here i gave ole miss some love today too.

    what's more depressing about the "the shreveport hat trick??" the fact that it is a painful reality for the tide?? or the fact that ole miss would give their left nut for it??

  2. nobody's falsely fellating Ole Miss either. I just call em like I see em. Ole Miss has pulled the Shreveport hat trick in recent past, and trust me, it was nothing to be proud of.

    I will give Alabama credit where credit is due however: Alonzo Lawrence is gonna be a difference maker as a freshman. I'd dare say he's gonna have the biggest immediate impact in that class. Julio is overrated.

  3. Julio is overrated. Right. By every single person who has any opinion on the national freshman class. Except, of course, our pal Erik, who has it all figured out. Jeez.

  4. Calm down, Bammer. Only time will tell. No use getting huffy about it now. When you're rated top 5 in the nation (used to be top 3) it's not hard to be overrated. Not sayin' he's not good.

  5. Erik,

    Do you believe that at the end of the day that Nick Saban is a good coach, a great coach or a bad coach?

    Disregard the "great" issue. Take that option off the table.

    If you think he's a bad coach, then I don't really know what to tell you. The historical data would suggest that he's improved the situation he found at every stop. That's usually the sign of at least a "good" coach. you think Bama had good, bad or great talent that he found? I personally think their talent was pretty down when he got there. And he has recruited pretty well.

    So, if he's a "good" coach with improving talent, why wouldn't his record get better?

    Bama has better talent and at least as good of coaches as Tulane, WKU, ARK, UK, Ole Miss, ARK State and MSU. That's 7 wins again.

    If the SEC gets 2 BCS slots again, that should get him a better bowl than Sherveport. And that's with only a 1 win improvement (ie: no UL-L meltdown).

    If he pulls another UT type upset, that gets him 8 wins and the Peach.

    In other doesn't take much to think Bama will be "better" than last year.

    But I ain't predicting 9 or 10 wins. I ain't nuts.

  6. Or said much shorter....the bottom of the SEC will be SUCKTASTIC. UK and MSU should return to their historic suck and ARK will be wretched.

    As for Ole Miss...well, they still have issues all over the place. Not the least of which is that Houston Nutt loves QBs the way Nathan Lane loves women. In other words, he finds them entertaining, but he doesn't know what to do with them. Snead is doomed to squander his life in Nutt's house of QB Waste.


  7. PWD, I think Saban is a good overall coach. I think his recruiting is outstanding, his gameday and motivational skills are mediocre at best.

    I think a lot of Saban's past successes have come from his ability to recruit not only great players, but great young coordinators (Jimbo, Muschamp, etc.) Now, unfortunately for the tide, his reputation precedes him.

    Notice he's had problems finding Coordinators that are worth a damn lately. "Insufferable prick" travels fast.

    "Hey Jimbo, what you think about me taking that Alabama OC job?...Tell him, what?...What's a Gunt?"

    Overall, good coach, but can he overcome his own asshole reputation? Plus, I think there's less USEFUL talent/experience on this UAT roster in 2008 than there was in '07.