Friday, May 23

Get Your Ass To Hoover

Once a year, Hoover is the place to be. So, make your way through the endless, hurriedly erected strip malls on to the Hoover Met.

On top of LSU's ridiculous 18 game winning streak, Ole Miss has stepped up its play to join the Bengals in the winner's bracket with this Michael Guerrero walk off that woke the suburbs (circa 12:30am)...


Hey, For once, Bama's decided to stick around, so we might even have a sell out or two this weekend. Just do it, fool...I know I will.

[2008 SEC Baseball Tournament Central]


  1. "Hey, For once, Bama's decided to stick around"

    granted they've struggled the last 3 or 4 years, but bama has won 4 of the 12 sec tournaments ever held in hoover. just sayin'...that's pretty good.

  2. I know, I know...maybe "for once" wasn't the appropriate phrasing. Even so, quit livin in the past Bammer!

  3. haha...that's the best use of "quit living in the past" i've heard in a while.

    i'm more concerned with finding a way to get lsu back to their early season shitiness than anything bama's doing right now.

  4. We at LSU like living in the past as well...which I guess is working in our favor at present. I don't know what Paul M. is putting in the gatorade, but it appears to be working.

  5. Sorry to all, but we are on a redonkulous tear here.

    Yellow is such a great color, it reminds one of LSU baseball, sunshine, piss, fear, and, oh, of course, beer. So many good things.