Saturday, May 3

Note To Self...

Do NOT Get Second Place in the Kentucky Derby

Eight Belles in better days

An equine ambulance reached her on the track and put Eight Belles down.

"There was no possible way to save her," on-call veterinarian Dr. Larry Bramlage said. "She broke both front ankles. That's a bad injury."

Holy Crap! Screw Barbaro. RIP, Eight Belles. Dammit... Some Ambulance, assholes. What happened to "do no harm?" I think i'd rather play on the Iraqi Soccer team.

You run your ass off for some old, rich douchebag and they kill you on the track? At least give her an oat bag and some morphine. Vomit.

"No...No, No. Don't call no damn ambulance an sh*t! I'm walkin' Mother F**cker...Look...See!!"

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  1. Now PETA is weighing in...wants the jockey suspended. Damn, we really didn't see that coming.