Wednesday, May 14

Everybody Hates Nick, But Why?

[LWS, i'm sure]

Damn I'm a slack ass lately, eh? It's hard out here for a college football blog in May. That's what a wonderful four day weekend in The Shoals will do for you. (best local joke: "If Helen Keller fell down in the woods, would she make a sound?") Anyway, I thought, maybe today I'll get back to writing and some light, friendly smack.

Making fun of Nick Saban is somewhat of a cottage industry in SEC Country. Nick Saban is a stereotype. He's "little man" personified. He a glorified P.E. teacher, but in his mind he's better/more important than all of us (yes, even Kige). He's clearly smarter than us, and he certainly talks down to us ("relative to" ass!). He blames his coaching shortcomings on the character of somebody else's recruits, but when his former recruits achieve great things like at LSU, well of course that was all him. When the media questions his actions (as they should) he belittles them or threatens to take his toys and leave. He treats the Alumni and "friends of the university" like unruly toddlers, and they seem to lap it up because they're so desperate to be "back." (They all hopped up on tha Hopium! ...Trust me, I understand being overly involved in college football, but damn...just, damn) And he's not even the highest paid coach in the SEC anymore (really, Leslie Miles is)... Not to even bring up all the recent arrests...All these things make it really fun to see him fail!

Is anybody scared of Nick Saban? I sure hope not. He's really just an average football coach. Don't get me wrong...He recruits like no other, but his average coaching instincts, ego and lack of respect for anyone around him is a molotov cocktail of entertaining disaster! Damn, it's a good time to be a college football fan in this state.


  1. you my friend are crap. why don't yoy go home and take all the other lswho that is in alabama with you. please!!

  2. i agree. if you hate it here for everyone's sake, leave