Tuesday, June 10

Bama Fan of the Week

Fat, drunk and sleeveless is no way to go though life, kid

Got a Little Bama in You? The above pic is one I snapped at the SEC Baseball tournament a few weeks ago. This Tider was strangely cheering wildly for LSU and against Ole Miss. It must be a "brotherhood of Saban" thing. What a lucky boy. My dad never showed off his guns with such reckless abandon like this stud.

If you or someone you know's got a little Tider in 'em, why not share the crimson pride and tradition with the world? Better yet, just submit a pic of somebody you don't know...like reader Brandon did:

Rexy's bringin sexy back

Looks like somebody misplaced their beard trimmer last time they were at the gym. Yeah...I know. Thanks to Brandon for submitting this gem (allegedly named Rex Robbins)...I'd dare say this is a "strong" to "quite strong" contender for Bama fan of the Year. He's just so lovable and rotund. That Tider blanket looks like it's been around the block a few times too. Maybe since '92? (RTR!!!) If only that tattered blanket could talk, oh the stories. Nice lamp, asshole.

[pic lifted from: sessionsisasissy - it's 10 shades of "WTF?"]


  1. Erika, you know I am a Tide fan through and through...however, I am a realistic fan with my eyes wide open...let me just say that I have photos of Tide fans in my own family that I would LOVE to give to you..but it would be at the risk of being disowned...What's your price?

  2. Maybe since '92? Better than '57.

  3. It's '62 a-hole.

    Once upon a time, I actually heard a caller on the Finebaum show say, "Thanks Mr. Finebaum, and I'll hang up and listen. THIRTEEN AN O, NINETEEN NINETY TWO, ROLL TAHD!!!" (and just like that, he was gone)