Monday, June 16

Jay Barker Marries Country Star over the Weekend, Works Monday Morning

Jay has obviously enrolled in the Tim McGraw School of Fashion

That's dedication. Jay was a little out of it on the radio this morning. Who wouldn't be, working the Monday after thier wedding on Saturday? WTF? (apparently he came in early and left at 8:30) Here's the best part of the wedding writeup in People...

"It was really very elegant, but Sara wanted it to feel like you were at her house," says friend and wedding planner Traci Phillips of The Perfect Party.

The bride and groom had their first dance to Chris Brown's "With You" and the 145 guests – including Sheryl Crow – boogied beneath a canopy of strung lights to a collection of R&B and pop hits spun by a deejay.

Yeah. Nothing says "elegant," Franklin farm wedding like a first dance to Chris Brown. ("I need ya boo...Gotta see ya boo"...When did Nashville become Hollywood Light?) Seriously, congrats to Jay, but I may not be first inline for his new single featuring Nelly.


  1. Hollywood light.....good point. Its a shame to see the popification of country.