Friday, June 20

How Does the Cream of the LSU Fanbase Tailgate the Summer Away?

Note to Self: Cancel vacation to Lake Maurepas, Louisiana then punch thyself in the face. Damn, this video gives me the willies. Nice mullet, Mom and equally excellent parenting. Also, who's the horn-dog creepster-trash working the camera? Hell. I wonder what the urine content of the water is near that sand bar. At least they're "keepin' it real" with the LSU flavored Rebel Battle Flag.

Congrats on your life, a-holes.


  1. Did that corndogette just pour beer on her mosquito bites in front of her kid?...nice job lady.

  2. I think I got hepatitis from that video.

  3. Where are all the negroes? All I see is white people.


  4. Every time I see a REAL Budweiser girl, I'm going to remember this video (unfortunately). Thankfully, I did not see anyone in that video that I dated in college.

    What the hell was this, a gathering for people who think gas is too expensive to go to Destin?

  5. they tried to go to destin, but when they got close to the state line, they were informed of the new legislation prohibiting any of those corndogs from congregation anywhere out side of the state of Louisiana.

    anyways they would totally be going to PCB

  6. I guess that's the reason both of our BCS titles were won in NOLA.