Monday, August 27

Blogpoll is Back

Note: This is a "Houndstooth Free Zone"

From the Blogging Brain behind MgoBlog comes Blogpoll Season 3

Erik's Worthless Pre-Season Ballot:

1 Southern Cal 25
2 Florida 24
3 Wisconsin 23
4 West Virginia 22
5 LSU 21
6 Louisville 20
7 Texas 19
8 Michigan 18
9 Florida State 17
10 Oklahoma 16
11 Ohio State 15
12 Virginia Tech 14
13 UCLA 13
14 California 12
15 Penn State 11
16 Tennessee 10
17 Missouri 9
18 Georgia 8
19 Arkansas 7
20 Hawaii 6
21 Wake Forest 5
22 Rutgers 4
23 Nebraska 3
24 Auburn 2
25 Texas A&M 1

What Stands Out:

1. Southern Cal - I tried to fight it, but it's impossible. (Knock on the Pac-10 coming in There are probably three or four teams, if in USC's conference shoes that I would put in this top spot (LSU, Florida, Wisconsin and Maybe WVU)

2. Florida - Much easier road this season. I'm still not sold on Tebow, but what the hell. It's the pre-season.

3. Wisconsin - One loss team from last year returns a load of talent and a bright young HC. Class of the Big 10.

4. WVU - Too many weapons on offense, and fortunately the Eers play in the Defenseless Big East.

5. LSU - Not as sold on the Bengal Tigers as everyone else in the nation. They have the damn dumbest HC in Major College Football to thank for that.

The Rest...

16. Tennessee - I see the Vols putting the pieces together this season. If/when an RB steps up to the plate, this offense should be outstanding.

18. Georgia - So maybe I took a flyer on this one, however they've got the talent, especially at QB. They finished strong and I don't foresee the Dawgs losing to any Vanderbilts in their near future.

19. Arkansas - In spite of the turdulent off-season, these Hawgs will make some waves in the SEC. How could they not? Injuries are the only thing that could completely sabotage the Run-DMC train.

24. Auburn - This season will be a major test for TT & Co. I heard Al Del Greco reviewing the depth chart and injuries this morning on the drive in and (hate to say it) doesn't sound so great. Especially when you're going to The Swamp, Death Valley, Fayetteville and Athens.


  1. Not bad, not bad. I see USC getting there, but I don't see them winning it. I'll go team for team with your SEC picks.

    Florida - I'm sold on Tebow, and he better be the real deal for Florida's sake. They're only returning 3 defensive starters.

    LSU - I'd put LSU over Florida in the SEC. My biggest question mark for them is career backup qb, Flynn.

    Tennessee - I see them as third in the East this year. With Ainge at qb, I don't think they can fair any better.

    UGA - I don't see them as a top 25 team. Like Florida, UGA has only 3 returning starters on defense...and Stafford is no Tebow.

    Arkansas - They replace three starters on their offensive line, but I think Jones and McFadden (SI curse aside) will still manage. I'd definitely put them higher than UGA and UT.

    Auburn - I'd have them in the 15 range. It just depends on how the new offensive line starters perform, and if Lester and Cox can stay healthy. Oh, and if Blackmon can stay out of trouble!

    South Carolina - I think they're second in the East, and I don't see how they're left out of anyone's top 25. They have 10 returning starters on defense, and they were in every game except for one last year.

  2. You make some good points, Au. My leaving South Carolina off may have been an error. My thoughts are based on losing sidney rice and their dumbass quarterback situation.

    I'm of the mind that Pre-season polls are worthless anyway (I'm sure most Auburn fans have my back on this) Even so, what else do we have to do?

  3. I agree with you when it comes to pre-season polls.

    From what I've read, Mitchell will only miss the opener against a patsy school. I could be wrong about that, though.