Tuesday, August 28

The NCAA Hates Jerrell Powe

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Powe Denied College Football For the Third Straight Year

The NCAA ruled that Powe will be allowed to receive athletically related financial aid to attend classes. However, he will be ineligible for practice and competition until meeting NCAA and institutional academic requirements in college.

"The idea for determining if student-athletes are academically eligible to participate in college sports is to ensure that the rigors of practice and competition do not interfere with the primary reason student-athletes enroll in college -- to get an education," said Kevin Lennon, NCAA vice president of membership services. "Mr. Powe has not achieved sufficient academic success under NCAA rules to permit athletics participation."

WTF?!? I hope Myles Brand gets unceremoniously butt raped... repeatedly for this. Basically, the NCAA gets to avoid the public relations nightmare of "denying a poor black boy an education" while they get to f. around with Ole Miss and the Powe family. Newsflash: Jerrell Powe is not in College to get an education, you Ass-Hats. Jerrell Powe is in college so he can play football and make a living in the NFL. You're not doing anybody a favor. You're just playing God. Have some balls about you and make a real decision. What a bunch of pricks.

How does the NCAA justify putting a student on athletic scholarship when he's not even allowed to play athletics? Brilliant!

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  1. Why didn't he just go the Prep School or JUCO route like all the other non-qualifiers? You think maybe the NCAA is pissed that he and Ole Miss tried to circumvent the eligibility rules.

  2. Powe attended Hargrave Prep for a year...then he got denied two more times. Shit, by now he could have damn near repeated high school.

  3. i think you're being a little hard on this young man. i think any day now he will wake up with a renewed outlook and move towards completing that checmical engineering degree.

  4. Was it not reported that Powe couldn't read or write...not a flame just asking.

    I feel your pain. BAMA's starting DT broke his leg in practice today.

  5. Jackie Chiles, attorney for Jerrell Powe12:35 AM, August 29, 2007

    Who told you Jerrell couldn't read? I didn't tell you Jerrell couldn't read. Did Erik tell you Jerrell couldn't read?

  6. Thanks for weighing in Jackie, Russ. Powe can read about as much as Brodie can start for the Chiefs. wait.

    Seriously, I've heard Powe can read alright. (They actually, sadly had Powe read some stuff aloud to prove it a while back) He's probably not ever going to read Moby Dick at the beach for shits and giggles, but he's hooked on phonics and what not.

  7. I must be thinking of another recruit b/c I could have sworn Ole Miss had a recruit that admitted who could not read or write...again not a flame just asking a question.

  8. I think there a few guys on every SEC D-line that are functioning Illiterates. It's no biggie, as long as they sack dat damn quarterback!