Wednesday, August 8

Breaking Ole Miss News:

The Orgeron Moves Brent Schaffa to Wide Receva

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Word out of Mississippi is that Orgeron has officially given up on the former 5-Star quarterback, Brent Louisville-Slugger Schaeffer. What a long strange trip it's been for the first true freshman to start on day 1 in the SEC since Bear Bryant died.

Supposedly, Brent wanted to make the move. And in other news, Lindsey Lohan wants to go to rehab.

So let me get this straight...

- Ole Miss now has a former 4-star duel threat QB starting at tight end (Robert Lane)
- And a Former 5-Star duel threat QB at wide out (Schaffa!)
- All the while, A 3-star kid (redshirt sophomore Michael Herrick) who broke John Elway's California high school career passing record is riding the pine while we wait for him to blossom and/or hit puberty (he's got size 13 feet though)
- And a 4-star Texas transfer (Jevan Snead) who can't, by NCAA rule, hit the playing surface until fall 2008.
- Not to mention the backup running back (Bruce Hall) was a 3-star QB signee at Wake Forrest.
- Oh Yes...All of The Rebels hopes and dreams are tied to A walk-on QB that couldn't even crack the starting lineup at Delta State (Seth Adams).

That's quite strong? Eli who?


  1. wow...a cluster eff indeed. and i remember being somewhat worried when schaffa first went to ole siss.

  2. Cluster? No sir! It's time for trickeration with all those QBs running around out there!

  3. it was joe montana's record that herrick broke.