Wednesday, August 8

Nutt, Orgeron on The Hot Seat

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So Says Some Scrote with an Excel Spreadsheet

According to the guy/girl over at, Houston Nutt is #1 while Ed Orgeron is sitting at #5 on this hottest of the hot seat list.

Yeah...I'm callin' bullshit.

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Any hot seat list that doesn't begin and end with Sylvester Slytanic Crooms is an Abomination. An Embarrassment. A Farce. (He's #13???) If you need a reason, just talk to any...literally any MSU fan for 5 minutes (If you can find one).

The aforementioned website predicts a 5-7 record for the Hawgs. Really? Darren McFadden's left testicle is good for at least 5 wins. When you throw in Felix Jones and the rest of the team, anything is possible.

After predicting another 4 win season for The Orgeron, he/she goes on to say,

"Memo to Pete Boone (OM AD): David Cutcliffe is a terrific football coach"

Really? really?!? Wow. That's odd. How many Head Coaching interviews/offers/opportunities has Cutcliffe been mulling over since he got canned? Most "terrific football coach" types at least get one look. Maybe "terrific quarterbacks coach" was what you were reaching for.

Then Nostradamus lays this knowledge on us:


Ed Orgeron will be looking for a new job in December 2007."

How bout "No," Scott. As funny as you think the Coach O song is and as unintelligible as The Orgeron seems to be, there are a lot of folks sold on the talent he's bring in (read: Jevan Snead: QB, 2008) Orgeron's not going anywhere soon.

I wouldn't touch him. Seriously...He'll effin kill you.


  1. Ummm, Cutcliffe was invited to interview for the Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator job. BTW if you want to put Cutcliffe into perspective with regards to Ole Miss, go here:

    Ole Miss Football: See, Cutcliffe Was The Problem!

  2. I'm pretty sure I've got Cutcliffe in perspective. Yep...Don't need a UT fan's help.

    Also, I'm pretty sure I said "Head Coaching Job." It's this whole other job.

    Did you even read my post? Be Honest.

  3. In regards to ShoalCreekVol's response, all I can say is "wow".