Tuesday, August 28

Mindless Morning Youtubery

Apparently the 4-8, '06 Ole Miss Rebels Were Really The '72 Miami Dolphins

This compilation of Ole Miss' 2006 season really gets me pumped up for the weekend...even though it's pure communist propaganda. It's amazing how good an 8 loss team can appear on a highlight reel. It is wrong to admit that I kinda enjoyed that Creed song?


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  2. If you could have any player back...?

    Ben Grubbs: Other than the kicking game, Auburn's biggest hole to fill is the offensive line.


    Underrated - USC: Ten returning starters on defense, and the Ole Ball Coach on the sidelines...

    Overrated - UGA: Three returning starters on defense, and Stafford as the starting QB...

    rival's head coach

    Alabama - Saban: He is someone Bama fans would love to hate...if he wasn't on their own sideline.

    National Title?

    Vanderbilt: If you ask 90% of SEC fans (Vandies excluded), this would be the answer. I must say that UT is a close second for me. I just like seeing Bama fans squirm.

  3. Sorry, I didn't mean to publish that post when I did. It won't happen again.

  4. Oh, it won't! I was having enough trouble posting that as it is...and I still forgot the predictions.

    AU 21 - KSU 9
    OSU 28 - UGA 24
    UT 21 - Cal 17