Wednesday, March 19

Anti-Bama Fan of the Week

That's right, looks like Brother Micah is making another swing through the Deep South, and recently blessed "The Capstone" with his presence. He's apparently attempting to reach out and rehabilitate all the adderall snorters and coke whores of Tuscaloosa. (Good thing he stayed for a while)

But not the Homersexuals, or those who show their knees and bellybuttons, or the Catholics and Baptists, cause they're going straight to hell.

I love all the pseudo-intellectual Tider students who are attempting to honestly argue with this crazy scrote. Seriously, arguing with crazy is like arm-wrastlin a woman. Win or lose, you're gonna look like a douche bag.

If you listen closely you can hear him say that Alabama is more immoral than the FSU Criminoles. haha! Say that to Saban's face, Brother! I'm actually surprised "CNS" didn't have Brother Micah strung up in the quad.

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  1. He is here in Oxford this week. I was walking through the circle the other day and heard the crowd giving him a Hotty Toddy.

  2. They gave him a "Hotty Toddy"? That's pretty a "You're going to hell for saying 'HELL YES, DAMN RIGHT'" kind of way.

  3. I'm not trying to pimp my own blog, but he certainly did leave his mark in Tuscaloosa:

  4. If this character hasn't checked out LSU's "Free Speech Alley", he should. He's a natural!