Tuesday, March 11

Bama Fan of the Week

Something we've all come to adore about "The Tider Nation" is their childlike willingness to overlook their own flaws while pointing out the exact same flaws in others.

This youtubes has been on damn near every site on the interwebs, but for the few of you who get out much (those who don't scour the blogs hourly) here's a proud Tider, talking about the "garbage truck worker's convention" that is "Nayland Stadium" and totally unlike anything you'd find in Bryant Denny on gameday...


  1. Did Ole Miss do anything relevant this week?

  2. If you're looking for Ole Miss baseball, or basketball stats and live updates!, you've come to the wrong site, friend.

    I'm too busy listening in on my Tuscaloosa County police scanner for the real news.

  3. As a Bama fan, I love this guy. I hope he's on the JumboTron before each home game. And when he says "garbage truck worker's convention," I'm pretty sure that he is refering top the vast sea of orange...not anyone's personal appearance (but thanks for linking two of our finest). Erik - great site, Bama hatred aside. You've made me laugh a lot. Keep it up.

  4. I always thought it was Texas who had the "throw-up orange" color.

    Comments like 'I'm not a dog person', and 'I don't like pumpkins' made this one an instant classic. Or, as 3rd Down H-Back would say, money.

  5. Snitches? I guess UT is the new UA then.

    Apparently, this guy hates the Queen's English as well.

  6. That guy is hilarious! I hate pumpkins too!