Tuesday, March 25

Barker and Evans Try for Sloppy Seconds

Recently divorced Country music star (some might say MILF), Sara Evans and Birmingham's own recently divorced super-Christian tider idol/moring radio host, Jay Barker are betrothed to one another!!!! Yeah, Eileen Finan of People Magazine says these two recently divorced kids (with 7 kids between them) appear to be engaged...

A friend of the country singer confirms to PEOPLE that Evans and Jay Barker, a former football star at the University of Alabama who now hosts a sports radio show in Birmingham, are an item. "They are dating," the friend tells PEOPLE.
Evans, who turns 37 on Tuesday and whose divorce from Craig Schelske was finalized in September, appeared as an in-studio guest on Barker's show, "The Opening Drive" on WJOX, the day after Thanksgiving.

"They had been dating for a while, but she hadn't been on the show until then," a friend of Barker's says. "That was the announcement that they were together." Evans (who proudly wore a red Alabama T-shirt to a recent PEOPLE photo shoot) has called in to the show a few times since, and Barker has accompanied Evans on some of her tour dates.
Wait just one G.D. minute, ya dumb People bitch. "a red Alabama T-shirt"?! THE Color is Crimson. Sara bleeds Crimson now....Yankee skank. (First the Tuscaloosa PD and now People Magazine?)

Anyway, it should be interesting to see how this plays out. Why do you think these two recent divorcees were so quick to jump back in the commitment saddle? My guess, well, it's hard to really blame Jay Barker..."NO, I WILL NOT MARRY YOU...YOU ATTRACTIVE, RICH AND FAMOUS COUNTRY MUSIC LADY." As far as Sara goes, maybe Jay's monk like morals are making her a little crazy in the head. (does the whole "true love waits" thing apply to a second marriage?)

I don't know for certain that Jay is as pure as a Catholic priest like he purports to be on air, and exactly why his marriage ended (heard it was his wife's "personal trainer") we'll probably never know, but these skeletons in Sara's closet might be worth hashing out before the big day:
Divorce documents filed in Williamson County, Tennessee by Evans' estranged husband, Craig Schelske, accuse the singer of having close to a dozen affairs. The list includes singer/songwriter Richard Marx, country star Kenny Chesney, Dancing with the Stars partner Tony Dovolani, and the members of the rock band 3 Doors Down.
Yeesh. WTF? Richard Effing Marx? Really?? Of 1988's "Hold on to The Nights" fame? And Kenny Chesney? The biggest little poser douche in fake country? and the members (with a "s") of 3 Doors Down??? Wow.

What, did Michael Bolton pass on you, Sara? Was Kenny G busy that night? Did The Rascal Flatts gang-bang fall through? Obviously these are alleged allegations from her angry Ex, but even so, that's one hell of a random list and might merit a mention over milk and cookies with J-bone.

Edit: Whoops. The article I linked didn't have anything to do with their engagement. Here's that article.


  1. I graduated with Jay Barker and can say that during high school his was exactly what he presents himself to be. He was never condescending or prude in his words or actions. He was just a good example to follow. He was friends with everyone and made a lasting impression for me as a christian.

  2. And those who preach the loudest usually have the most to hide.

    For those of us who were in school in the mid to late 80's, this post was a hoot!

  3. i would bang the unpasteurized silicon soy milk outta those fake nitties.

  4. Sara is scheduled to make an appearance at Tiger Stadium next weekend with none other than Kid Rock. Wonder how that will fit into Barker's plans.