Wednesday, March 26

Ole Miss will run the Wild Hog/Wildcat

Lil' Dex hurdles no one

Here's a great clip of David Lee (former Hawg OC) explaining the ins and outs of the Wildcat formation and showcasing D MAC and Felix's ridiculous skills (that never get old)...

I can't say that I'm upset that Ole Miss is getting away from the (channelling homer simpson) BORRING Pro Set and experimenting with some fun new toys. Especially when you've got Michael Oher, John Jerry, and some other pro-quality beef on the OL. Dare I mention the one tiny, small problem?

No Darren McFadden.

Running the formation for the Rebs (at least in spring ball) is 5-7, 165 pound water bug, Dexter McCluster (while Marshay Green is set to play Felix Jones). Dexter may have McFadden's speed and elusiveness, but there's just this small matter of 5 inches and 50 pounds . McCluster's been returning kicks, catching passes and running trick plays for a while now, but he's also been injured much of the last two seasons. The way I see this working out for McCluster, if (big if) they keep the same personnel running the "Wild Rebel," next season is gonna go one of two ways... and probably a little combination of the both...


Or Decapitation:

By the way, the above hit ended McCluster's bright true freshman season. For the sake of lil' Dex's medulla oblongata, Ole Miss does have some promising incoming freshman who should be competing for Wild Reb minutes this fall. Namely 220 pound Enrique Davis and scat-tastic Devin Thomas.

If Dexter is the man, it's more like "Wildcat Light," eh? Sounds like a piss-poor new beer in the tradition of Red Dog or Milwaukee's Best Ice.

By the way, why are the nastiest beers always bragging? Why do Bama fans always preach about class? Deep Thoughts. ("champagne of beers," my ass)

It's kinda like me taking a huge dump in a box and marking it "Erik's Best"


  1. Nutt finally realized with about 4 games to go in '07 that it was only a gimmick offense if he treated it like one.

    I don't mean this as a slight, but with the coaching staff he has offenses under Nutt may be more of a threat with the quarterback off the field. He ALWAYS has multiple running backs who have sound fundamentals and good athletic ability, and Markuson's o-lines can run block with the best of them.

    For whatever reason Nutt has never liked running option much, even though it would be ideal out of the wildcat, and after malzahn left nutt removed a lot of the misdirection that made it so effective initially.

    Still, if you guys find a tailback who can throw the ball far, it'll be fricking deadly.

  2. why are we talking about ole miss football on this bama blog??

  3. gerry, gerry, gerry. Alabama fans + plus 9 arrests in a year + Nick Saban + $4 million Dollars vs. Ole Miss fans and 1 arrest + Houston Nutt lite. You do the math on who I should spend my time on? (not to mention your, the reader's, time)

    Whoever told you this was an Ole Miss blog was sorely mistaken. This is about attempted entertainment while wasting company time, and nothing in College football is more entertaining than the University of Alabama family and its bastard offspring.

  4. Does Bama class come in a "forty"?

    Just like the label reads, "A Classy Southern Sports Blog".

  5. Erik,
    According to my peeps back in the South, supposedly Tig Barksdale is who everyone is eyeballing for the Wild Rebel's future D-MAC.

  6. artiger,
    Bama Class comes in 12-Packs!

  7. 3rd down, everything i've heard points to Tig running the "Wild Ranger" offense at Northwest Mississippi C.C.

    I'm counting him in about as much as I'm counting on J. Powe the team's water boy.

  8. Hey hey hey, don't knock NWCC. I took my summer school classes up there.

    Wasn't aware Tig's grades weren't up to par. I don't put as much emphasis upon 'crootin as the Bammers. Okay, so one year for Tig with the Wild Ranger then onto the Wild Rebel.

  9. fwiw, me and couple of my buddies have always maintained that piling up arrests is a good means you're recruiting the truly talented players. obviously this is somewhat tongue in cheek, but numbers don't lie. when was the last time a vandy player got arrested??

  10. I think you're right, dorsey. That's very similar to my theory that, in the south at least, grades share an inverse relationship with talent.

    Look at Jerrel Powe for a perfect example...God gave him all the physical tools to chase down quarterbacks and rip their arms off...but the oppressive NCAA won't let him share his talents in college because he can't "read." It's a travesty.

    So kinda like your theory, if you gotta guy who can't read good and is failing every class, watch out. He's a bad mofo and might just rip your arms off.

  11. Ahhh, Senatobia, we're talking God's country now.

    Grades are nothing that a year on the "farm club" can't fix.

  12. I think you're going to like Jevan Snead at QB. In the one real game I got to watch him play - the loss to Kansas State in '06 - he did a fantastic job. If our defense and special teams hadn't played so poorly, Texas wins that game.

    It was cold, windy and snowing just a little (as I recall) - just awful conditions, and he performed like a veteran - brought us back from a 19 or 21 point deficit to a fourth quarter tie.

    Although Houston Dale's arrival might be bad news for his NFL prospects, I think you're going to like your "regular" quarterback this year.

    Oh, when Texas comes to Oxford in a couple of years, I might be asking you how to go about getting tickets. It's the closest they're going to be to Birmingham in a looong time.