Thursday, March 27

Mindless Morning Youtubery - Tuberfield

This video has it all...Sara Jessica, Alana Collete, Click Clack and Golden Flake. Even so, why would Bama fans be afraid of cheap, gas station potato chips? A big bag of Golden Flake is a given when Tiders pick up that tasty carton of Dorals, right?

[HT: Taylor via The Auburner]


  1. say what you want about golden flake but tubs is the one advertising them. must be directed at the people who actually give a shit about what he has to say, which would be the barners

  2. They are winning, as of late.

  3. Anon 1, not everybody gets a sweetheart contract like lord Saban where he doesn't have to advertise a damn thing. Don't even try and distance The Capstone's affinity and tradition of Golden Flake. Somebody cue up the clip of The Barh cracking open a bag during his weekly coaches show. The Barh whored product much like that bearded Oxyclean bastard.