Thursday, March 27

The Kige Party

Well, it looks like Kige has finally hopped on the Hilltopper's bandwagon. Yeah, I know Kige supposedly goes to Western Kentucky, but his "set" has always been decorated in the big blue of The flagship Wildcats. Now, it looks like Kige's cleaned out the WKU book store with all kinds of attractive and classy memorabilia. (Momma's gonna wear his hide slap out when she finds that money missin' fromunda the mattress)

My favorite part of this installment includes Kige's visually aided history lesson about Western's totally awesome towel mascot. (complete with simulated crying):

How can you not root for Kige's new team, the 12 seed Hilltoppers over UCLA? Your bracket's already FUBAR...I say, Go Fighting Towels.

- tonight's slate of games [sportsline]


  1. Gotta love that glassy, semi-soulless stare.

  2. "In my opinion Big Red is a mascot."

    Are you kidding me? He just said that?