Thursday, March 6

Bama Fan of the Week meet "Where's Waldo?"

click to enlarge [credit: jim]

It's a veritable cornucopia of crimson shame. All my favorites. Some I know, some I am meeting for the first time. Wow, I can almost smell the flea market on Paul Bear Bryant Blvd. Smells like...Turdulence!

By the way, where are the two skanky, fake blond, houndstooth hat sporting attention whores?

Thanks, Jim. Keep the farks a comin'.


  1. Tubs in the lower left corner is a nice touch. Is that setup what you would call a T-town split level?

    Nice to see you're back on with football, Erik. Let's leave that Hollyweird crap alone.

  2. this is truely sad that some barner has the free time to construct a picture like this

  3. Those two skanks are like the most hated whores in t-town. You should see em up close. there is less pavement on highways.....