Tuesday, April 29

Bama Fan of the Week

The Magic Man

Typical. Actually, this is probably one of the cooler Bammers I've ever come across. They call him "The Magic Man" and he does cigarette tricks, he dances like MJ...anything to keep the Bama fratties entertained. I can't wait to interview him when I go down to Tuscaloosa on a comedic recon mission this fall...

Every SEC town should beso lucky as to have a guy like this in residence. Would this Athenian qualify?


  1. eff the magic trick...i gotta get me one of those pearly white bama jackets.

    i can't believe joe namath was just standing there in the background watching that shit.

  2. Mouth/throat/lung/esophageal (any or all of the above) cancer awaits this skilled gentleman. Hell, he'll probably still be doing that trick twenty years from now, albeit via a trach.

  3. Joe Namath in the background is the funniest part of the video.

    You gotta love Tuscaloosa on a game weekend. There's nothing quite like seeing Darryl, a 42 year-old plumber from Bessemer, and his wife Tammy Ray ordering drinks at the Tooth alongside Porter Huff and Parker Stone IV, a couple of 18 year-old fraternity pledges from Mountain Brook and Brentwood.

    The Crimson Tide manages to break down all socio-economic barriers.

  4. Oxford once had CoCo the Tranny. CoCo was no magic man, but he would hang out at the Chicken-on-a-Stick Chevron and make googly-eyes at the young white men he coveted.

    Then he/she/it/ got AIDS and died. That's not a joke.