Monday, April 14

Youtubery - LSU

LSU's returning talent...Almost as scary as their returning fans

Highlights can always be a bit misleading because they're...well, highlights. But this video featuring the Tiger's returning talent is pretty convincing. Everything seems to hinge on the thug-life, Ryan Perrilloux and his status with the team, but all the other pieces seem to be in place for more stupid carnage this fall. (look at Byrd leave Castille in the dyst)...

From The BCS Champs Trip to Washington...

President Bush poses with some random accountant?

Rumsfeld was no Demetrius Byrd

Miles is either not a fan of White House Architecture, or he's attempting to read

Drake Nevis contemplates what he will do to O-linemen next season


  1. great highlight tape of lsu v ua and osu...the ua game was a fantastic game last season and i'm very nervous about this year!

  2. OK, Erik, what are you up to with this kissing ass stuff? Then again, flattery will get you everywhere!

    Although I loved watching it, next year has road games in Gainesville and Auburn with UGA coming in from the East, albeit with a pretty laughable nonconference sched. Plus, we (still) have Les coaching. He could be on the wrong side of all those gambles from last year.

    Speaking of gambling, and I realize I may have posted this before, our past success with Perilous at QB is analagous to winning at the casino--great when it happens, but not something you should rely on for food, rent, bills, or survival.

    Finally, about that pose at the White House with W, a friend remarked that it was probably the first time that Les wasn't the dumbest guy in the picture.