Wednesday, April 30

Deep Thoughts

A metaphor

- Don't you love it when you wake up at 6 and feel like you just passed out at 5:30 after a night of debauchery and Irish car bombs? I went to bed at 11 and I didn't drink a drop, however I feel like God's thumping my brain and I can barely string sentences together. Is this what it's like to get old?

- The genius, Ole Miss AD, Pete Boone, came out a couple months ago and said Ole Miss is gonna get the biggest High Def video board in the SEC (what a tease - He even had the nerve to say "We're gonna do this thing right."). Then instead of bidding it out to a proven company like Daktronics, who did Auburn's kick ass HD video board and upgrade for $3 million (among countless other Pro video boards) he attempted to hand the bid over to a digital billboard company out of Laurel Mississippi who has never even attempted anything like this (HD) that specializes in Kentucky Fried Chicken signage (I sh*t you not). Then, before the bid could be officially awarded, luckily the younger more tech savvy fanbase got wind of it and raised holy hell. Now Telesouth, Ole Miss' advertising and marketing pimp is rebidding the deal in mid-May...but don't you worry Ole Miss fans!!!!!!1 This monster project will surely be ready for the Memphis game in September. Typical Old South bulls**t. Some Son of a prominent football player on the board of trustees: "Sorry we can get anything done right and in a timely manner cause... but hey! My cousin's got this great little KFC sign bidness down Laurel way...Yeah, he useta do dry-wall but he's tryin' his hand at outdoor signs an s**t. He says he can hook you boys up with a Jumbo-tron for cheap." Read more about "the progress" on a great new Ole Miss blog, The Red Solo Cup.

- My thoughts on the whole BCS "no plus-one" thing as posted in response to some Pac-10 fan douche on a California Golden Bears Football blog...

HydroTech said...

I personally think the BCS is a good idea that makes college football unique and more exciting than any other sport. Unfortunately, it's only "good" and not "great." The BCS could be great without the influence of money. Having conference champions get automatic bids, is in my opinion, the worst part of the BCS and the reason why it's not quite living up to it's potential. Year after year, teams ranked higher in the BCS than a lower ranked conference champion get snubbed for the lower ranked conference champion because the BCS requires that the conference champion play in the BCS. Conferences have each paid large amounts of money to insure that their champions are insured a BCS bowl. This, in my opinion, is the mistake. It causes these "BCS Bowl Game whippings" you're talking about. Back in 2004 when Utah beat Pitt, I think Pitt was ranked like #20 in the nation and had 3 losses. The didn't deserve to be in the BCS. I think the teams that play in the BCS bowls should be the highest ranked teams to fill those slots regardless of whether they are conference champs or whether a conference has like 3 teams that would go to BCS bowls. Of course, that'd never happen because conferences are too afraid of not getting any teams into the BCS bowls, but I think if we want to see the highest quality games played in the BCS bowls, then just take the top ranked 8 or 10 teams in the BCS and stick 'em in the BCS bowls. With this type of system, Cal would have made a BCS bowl in 2004.

Erik said...

"I personally think the BCS is a good idea that makes college football unique and more exciting than any other sport."

Yeah, well your opinion is wrong. How does the BCS make College Football better than March Madness? The BCS Is Worthless. All it did is bring everybody together under one money making organization. It does nothing for the fans or players. If you want to claim that college football is unique (read: confusing and contrived) then say you want us to go back to the traditional Bowl arrangement. Right now, we've got a sh*t sandwich. But at least it's a unique sh*t sandwich, right?

College football is the greatest game in the world, and it would be even greater and more exciting if it had a legitimate ending. Right now, college football is the equivalent of "No Country for Old Men." It starts off badass then you end up thinking, this can't end well and you always end up with a "WTF?" feeling.

May 1, 2008 5:44 AM

- Pictures that make me go "WTF?":

Welcome Saban Julio-Waylon Smith

*blank stare*

Boy's just excited to be there, ain't he

The most powerful man in college football. really?


  1. www.BearswithFangs.com1:30 PM, May 01, 2008

    Hahah, I thought you were calling me the douche (website owner). While I can't say that someone's opinion is wrong (because it's impossible), I think we are in agreement that the current system makes for a spectacular regular season, and vomit-inducing post season.

  2. great stuff on Ole Miss jumbotron

  3. I can promise you the headline picture has a lot of guys tilting their head and muttering "Oh Shit." If only for a second... I know I did.

  4. Jesus don't play no sissy soccer...

  5. Dead on discription with the Ole Miss Good Ol' Boy networking. Just like the beef plant thing in Yalobusha County, not just Ole Miss, but the entire state of Mississippi will never progress as long as there is a big pot of money and Bubba's cousin still hasn't cashed in that IOU from the man who is in charge of the cash.