Saturday, April 12

Saban Doesn't Even Break 80,000 at A-Day

"what's that kid doing on the field? New sport coat?"

Like I've been saying since Alana Colette's assault, Saban's stock would never be higher than it was before his first ball game. And if A-day attendance is any indication, I was right. An estimated 14,000 less than last year.

Two thousand and Saban is in the books and somewhere, Mike and Sheri Shula are smiling as they cash those ridiculous Bama buyout checks. ("I could've gone 6-6!")How could Saban's stock not be down after a .500 effort and a repeat performance at the Poulan Weedeater bowl? Even the most water-brained Bama fans have realized that he's just a man...and he's kind-of an asshole.

But much like Bill Clinton's "character issues" most seem content to overlook personal flaws if their fearless leader is getting the job done (read: winnin' chamyunships). Some coaches come in and win quickly (see: Urban Meyer, Les Miles and Bob Stoops), while others hide behind the "change the culture," or "restock the cupboard" bullshit, which roughly translates as "I'm not as good as you thought I was, but thank God for this oustanding contract."

This year, we'll find out which it's gonna be for Saban. His stock has never been much lower...well, save the nuclear holocaust of La-Monroe.


- Somebody get me the footage of Saban's numb-nuts nearly getting plowed cause his little ass just had to be on the field during the game. (Talk about a god complex) This from BamaOnline:

SABAN EVADES PRESSURE - Coach Nick Saban watched the A-Day scrimmage from behind the offense rather than the sideline (like every other effing coach), and was nearly knocked off his feet when a John Parker Wilson scramble put him directly in the line of pursuit of defensive end Brandon Fanney. The 265-pound junior pulled up just in time.

"I think that was John Parker's fault," Saban joked. "I think he was running a pick off of me. I will wear a black shirt next year so there's no contact on the coach, but the athleticism to get out of his way shows you that it's still there. I've still got it - quick enough feet not to get run over."
Just leave it to Saban to try and brag about his skillz after looking like a douche. Refs do it all the time and they never brag like Uncle Rico. "yep, still got it." I'm sure Terry could hardly contain herself, you little stud.

- Did they charge admission to the spring game this year? Bama fans (and some national media) love to talk abou the 92,000 last year, but everyone seems to forget that it was a free event. I'm sure if they were giving away free meth at the flea market on Bryant drive they'd most likely sell that stuff out too.


  1. It appears you didn't have much to do on Saturday night.

    How was that Rebel Day? (or whatever the heck you call it).

  2. seriously i feel sorry for you thatt you had nothing better to do on a saturday night.
    1. remind me again what bowl ole miss went to last year or even better remind me what SEC team they beat last year?
    2. Les Miles was winning with Saban's recruits and he apparently recruits "character recruits" too(Ryan Perilouix).
    3. No they didn't charge admission this year.
    4. Let me know when Ole Miss has 92,000 people show up at a game, oh wait that shit hole they play in can't seat 92,000.

  3. Houston Nutt was having a prayer-fest, and a few tears were shed. Oh, and he used the word "special" a lot.

  4. Am I supposed to be worried about my blogger rep for posting on a Saturday night? Damn, foiled again. Can't a married brotha have a relaxing weekend at home while his wife is out of town? Anon, what exciting things did you get into last night? Get some strange ass?!?

    My thoughts on the "Grove Bowl" as posted for some Ole Miss fans...

    - Eason looked good and fast...he's certainly shed some weight...shouldn't be much drop off, if any, from '07, plus Eason looks to have more top end speed than Benjarvis.
    - Snead has an effing cannon. He throws the 10 yard out on a frozen rope. He throws strong on the run as well. 20 for 26 will work for me. That interception was dumb, but that can be easily fixed (you don't call that play in a real game anyway)
    - Wild Rebel was a bit underwhelming. I know it's effectiveness is largely dependent on timing and selling the fakes...So I expect it will improve greatly in two-a-days.
    - If Dexter can stay healthy, he's gonna have an amazing season. If he doesn't break Deuce's all-purpose yardage record I'll be highly surprised.
    - The O-line gave up way to many sacks against the scrubs. I know John Jerry is out, but they looked pretty damn rough at times against a bunch of 2nd/Scout teamers.
    - We NEED to use Jason Cook more. He's got great hands and seems to get 10 yards every time i've seen him touch the ball.
    - The new TE looks like a stud out there. Use him.
    - If we don't have one of the best Run stopping defenses in the SEC, something wrong cause that line is stout. Linebackers look pretty good and the corners are still big play liabilities (see mouzon today). Marshay seemed pretty good in coverage, however he can't shed a block and I don't see him taking on too many running backs.

    A couple more details for you folks:

    - Houston Nutt stayed on the sidelines like a head coach is supposed to.
    - Ole Miss' Reigning Super Bowl MVP and NFL Defensive rookie of the year (should have been Defensive player of the year) were honored.
    - Snead looked strong to quite strong.
    - Little Ole Miss had just shy of 30,000 at the game, HOWEVER they also charge $10 admission like most every other school that's not obsessed with setting spring attendance records.
    - Ole Miss won the baseball series with LSU in town.
    - Blah, Blah, Blah...let's get some video of Saban almost falling down.

  5. what kind of dipshit tries to bash bama for keeping a-day as a free event?? do you think gas should be more expensive too?? if i was you i would be bashing schools who decide to charge people for watching what basically amounts to practice.

    fwiw, i think spring games are idiotic, but if you're going to run your mouth...bama's spring attendance dropping 14,000 from 2007 = 18,000 more people than vaught hemingway can even hold.

  6. Gerry, I'm gonna go out on a limb here...but I think my point was that the obsession with spring game attendance is idiotic. But it's become some kind of "badge of courage" for Bama fans...even though it's effing free!

  7. Wow, everybody's sensitivities sure are on an upswing this weekend. LSU charged a whopping $1 for its spring game...WTF? Either charge or don't, but don't inconvenience me by making me whip out a single. If you want a donation, I can do (and have done) a lot better than that.

    Spring games would be a lot more worthwhile if beer was sold inside.

  8. I think that last statement goes for just about any event, artiger.

  9. i wonder if ole miss had a full house at the "grove bowl" would you be here bashing them for showing up? charging admission is pretty crappy on the school's part. if you wanted to have people taking donations at the gate that would be fine but to charge admission to practice is a kind of ridiculous

  10. The problem with having a free event and seeking donations is thet sometimes 92,000 rednecks will show up at a stadium and donate an average of 14 cents each to charity.

  11. Come on, Anon. They averaged at least 45 cents each for the tornado relief fund.

  12. you didn't answer my question about what you would think if ole miss had a full house at the grove bowl?

  13. I'd be impressed that 60k plus paid $10 a head to see a glorified practice. I would also think it's a little crazy considering they rarely sell out actual games...That's a lot a extra money for the athletic association.

    Would I talk about it for the next 365 days? Probably not.

  14. yet 365 days later you're still talking about bama's '07 spring game. just drop the charade and start wearing your "got 12?" shirt in public.

  15. its not like its just us talking about it either. the media has been talking about since spring practice for all colleges started. instead of a got 12 shirt you could wear one that says got 1? since saban has lost to ole miss only once as a head coach

  16. I think, honestly, the "lull" in attendance had more to do with the fact that enough people remembered what a nightmare getting in and out of Tuscaloosa was last year, and decided to just stay home this time around and wait until the fall — plus, since it's not Saban's first go-round in Tuscaloosa, it doesn't have the same cachet (not to mention the nation's best recruiting class wasn't involved in the A-Day festivities at all).
    But it's a good blog you keep up here — we Alabama folk need to learn to not be so sensitive about EVERYTHING. Hopefully we can focus on what the team does in games that count in the future, and not what the head coach is doing in practice games.