Wednesday, April 23

Classy Bama Tee Shirt Central

It seems the "Got Recruits?" tee has opened up a veritable Pandora's box of high quality UAT apparel. I have to thank reader Jonathan for directing my attention to the "Roll Tide" cafepress store that promotes all things awesome and crimson. I'm fairly certain that these outstanding tee-shirt ideas are not the brain-child of a singular tider (one man's brain could never conceive of such greatness), but the pooled creativity and wit of an entire fanbase. (Yes, these are all REAL Bama tee-shirts, ready to ship for $20) Enjoy...

Uncle Rico shares your pride in this 27 year old accomplishment.

This classic even comes in a fun little tote bag. Not sure you can really say that "The Tide Turned" though. Doesn't the tide turning involve some sort of change, one way or the other? Does going from 6-6 with Shula to 6-6 with Saban constitute a change? Two straight Indy bowls? Maybe something more along the lines of "The Tide Stagnated"?

Ok, that's disturbing. And dumb. Does Meth give you bloody urine? You could wear this shirt, or...or you could just scribble "Registered Sex Offender" on your forehead.

I "fear the process" of dumbing down America's rednecks. Who's gonna tile my effin' bathroom? If I see anybody wearing this shirt they are going to be the recipient of a well deserved swift kick to the crotch in a valiant attempt to damage their evil reproductive organs. Fair warning.

Last, but not least...


Click here to read the totally relevant and inspirational Roll Tide Bible verse that's printed on the back...just above the hardy RTR!! which is appropriately written in the Lord's blood. (God's a Tider)

It's perfect. Except for the sleeves...gotta lose the sleeves.

[get yours today: 176 awesome, witty, classy tees to choose from]


  1. Here's the "Get Behind Me, Saban!" shirt from the auburner;

  2. I am speechless.

  3. Can we swap them out for Georgia Tech?

  4. and what almight team do you support mr. "anonymous?" georgia tech??

  5. That might be the dumbest, most disturbing shirt I have ever seen.