Friday, April 11

LSU Fan of the Week

This may not be the buckstached OSU fan tugging it in the public library...or the Michigan fan "starring" on To Catch a Predator...or even the Vol fan caught robbing a bank with toddler in tow, but it's definitely something...

notice gun in hand as he hops the counter to get that meth money!

MOBILE, Ala. -- The Mobile County Sheriff's Office is seeking information on the whereabouts of a man wanted for Robbery First Degree.

At approximately 3:00 a.m., last Thursday, an unknown subject entered the GMart Shell Station at 6960 Theodore Dawes Road, brandished a handgun and demanded money from the clerk. After the subject obtained an undetermined amount of cash, he fled the scene on foot towards Sperry Road.

The subject is described as a white male in his mid 30’s, approximately 6’1’’ weighing 180 pounds, and was last seen wearing khaki cargo shorts and a purple Louisiana State University sweatshirt.

[myfoxgulfcoast via wpman1 on rebelsports]
We've always known that LSU had the most "interesting" fanbase in the SEC, but I'd dare say that a certain segment of LSU fans are among the most horrendous athletic supporters on the planet.

Some LSU fans i've met are great (read: older, surviving LSU fans) however a ton of these young sidewalk types scare the ever living shit out of me! There's not a decent bone in their bodies. It's like they were born and raised literally on Bourbon street by ravenous wildebeests. Brought up on a steady diet of death metal, tatoo ink and methamphetamine. Like southern skinheaded vagabonds, these's zombies roam the streets of Louisana, seeking out innocent, unsuspecting flesh. You think I'm kidding? While I've never attended a game in Red Stick, for obvious reasons, every game I've attended that's involved LSU (whether it be a Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, Oxford or Auburn) I have nightmarish memories of these so called "fans." It's kinda ever seen 28 Weeks Later?

Just watch it...then you'll know what it's like when "infected" LSU people take over your town.

This guy asked some locals for directions to Tiger Stadium


  1. Although it's tempting to say it's a Bammer wearing a disguise, if he's dumb enough to wear something that distinctive and memorable while knocking over a Shell, well, he probably is one of ours.

    Sometimes I'm even scared to go to our games.

  2. bammers are smarter than that dumbass or artiger. judging from the clip my guess is that its one of those barners that was confused about whether they were the tigers, war eagles, or plainsman.

  3. your profile should say, erik is a dumbass that didn't get into bama so he went to ole miss with his 500 SAT score

  4. i've been to plenty of games in tiger stadium and therefore have found myself in any number of crazy scenerios, including getting verbally taunted by a woman old enough to be my i punched her in the throat.

    i keed, i keed...but only about the punching thing.

  5. Dorsey, the only thing worse than taunting from seniors would be the taunts (that often involves cursing) from toddler Tigers. You really can't punch them!