Monday, May 14

Name of The Year?

Cause, At Wake Forrest, There's Always Room for Gelo

Reader Michael writes in to inform me that yes, Wake's 2007 signing class found a spot for Gelo Orange. Gelo is a Defensive lineman that hails from Naples, Florida. His favorite NFL player is purported to be Terrell Ownes. (Who doesn't want their son to take after T.O.? I know I want my daughter to emulate Lindsey Lohan) Oh, his nickname is "Slash"...Compensating for something, Gelo?

Also, in the search for more general Gelo knowledge, I stumbled upon the motherload. Behold...Name Of The Year:

Some of my favorite real, unadulterated names from Name of the Year:

Conceptualization Gibbs

Intelligent Infinite Botts

Phyre Quickly Burns

Vanilla Dong

Destinee Hooker (no relation with Mike Price)

LeQuantum McDonald

Michelangelo X Ball Van Zee


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