Tuesday, May 1

Bama Fan of the Week

Nate Davis

He may look like an extra from Braveheart, but he's not...He's a Bama Fan. Here's the backstory from RollCrimsonTide.com. Mr. Davis was born in Dothan, but now, strangely enough, he lives thousands of miles away from Bryant-Denny in Colorado. Nate is not only the Tide's biggest fan, but he's also an esteemed philosopher:

"One of these local Colorado men once asked, 'What has the University of Alabama ever done for you?, I thought on it for a second and said, 'Sir, my mama always told me it doesn't make a difference how you find God, as long as you find him. And through the University of Alabama, Bear Bryant, and Van Tiffin, I have found God.' "
No word yet on Nate's impressions of The Son of 'God', Leigh Tiffin (Wiki).

Now you know the guy with that tattoo.

It's like Disney World for Sororstitutes!

Not so fast ladies. He's taken!

Again, please send your entries to eahennin -at- gmail -dot- com. Oh, and if you're a disgruntled Bama fan, I challenge you to find a college football team with fans as awesome as yours. Photographic evidence, please.

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  1. Looks like you have figured out who the classier fan base is in the state. WDE

  2. That is sad. Loser following losers.