Thursday, May 17

Yankee Update

Viking Quest meets the Village People?

Brady reinforces his Heterosexualness (edsbs)

Every once in a while, we need to check in with our sworn enemies to the North (knowest thy enemies, right?) Yes, I'm referring to the media's suck-buddies, The Big 10. The Big Lead and edsbs have infiltrated their ranks with some fine interweb pictures of Ohio State Linebacker A.J. Hawk's wedding. Oh, did you hear he was marrying Brady Quinn's sister?

O'Doyel Rules!

If you're not going to wash your hair, why not a nice buzz cut...or at least dreadlocks. "Why can't you be more like my brother?"

The Big 10: Slower, Whiter, Smarter, Sassy-er

I don't even feel comfortable publishing the outfit that Hawk wore on his wedding night: Let's just say, Laura Quinn is one lucky lady.

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