Friday, May 25

SEC Baseball Tournament

This is why OM 's Hot...Again

How pissed am I? I've been out of work sick for the last day and a half, and I can't even go to "Regions Park" (lame corporate name change) to watch the Rebs in the SEC Baseball Tourney. Why? Cause I feel like shat, and their games have been starting, on average, around 9:15pm. I mean, WTF? (new favorite internets slang)

The Hoover Met (I'm old-school) is a mere 10 miles from my place of residence, and I got nothing. This disturbing trend will not continue.

Now that Ole Miss received the Friday bye and advanced to Saturday's semis, I have been assured by the powers that be, that our family obligations with her folks will not rule out my overdosing on SEC Baseball.

Here's the skinny:

1pm-Saturday: Ole Miss battles off-day/loser's bracket champion Vandy/UT (I say Vandy) I most likely miss this game while moving future brother-in-law's Big Screen (to my house, mind you) among various other sundries.

8pm-Saturday: If Ole Miss loses the above game, they play again here and I'm gravy. This is not too cool because it's a potential elimination game for the Rebs (frowny face).

3pm-Sunday: If The Rebels are victorious in either game on Saturday, they get to play here, in the Championship game. Most likely vs. Arkansas. In this time slot, I am golden as well. Especially if I man-up and attend church in the morning! Major point scorage.

All that to say, I will make at least one game, maybe two. Sad, I know.

"Daddy, what's a C**k Sucker?'"

So, how are the Rebs doing it?

Dominant pitching, amazing defense, and capitalization on enemy mistakes. Pitchers Will Kline, Lance Lynn and Cody Satterwhite have been amazing. Satterwhite was a beast-master in relief Thursday night against the Vols. He was damn near untouchable and threw strike after (what appeared to be) 95 mph strike.

Note: This CSS HD has been badass. (Birmingham Channel 861) I will give them props for that. However, why the hell don't they have a gun on these pitchers? I would have loved to see what all these scouts were raving about. Strike out pitchers like Vandy's Price, Ole Miss' Kline, Lynn, etc...Supposedly, Satterwhite hit 99 mph a few times lately, but I guess we will never know, a-holes.

The Big Questions:

  • Can Ole Miss repeat? They sure as hell look like it right now. However, this is where the pitching (for most any team) starts to get a little suspect. Buckvich will get the start Saturday, but beyond that, it's a mystery...
  • Will we see Satterwhite in a starting role late Saturday?
  • Will Will Kline be ready to go Sunday after a complete game and three days rest for a potential championship game?
  • Will Bianco pull a Bobby Cox again tomorrow? (so bogus!)
  • Will I be able to balance family obligations with my primal need to attend Ole Miss related sporting events?

All these questions and more will be answered sometime this Memorial Day Weekend...

Remember these guys when you're beer bongin' it at the lake, a-hole

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