Monday, May 14

So, The NBA Playoffs are Happening

ESPN Says The NBA is Making a Comeback

Of course, ESPN owns the rights to broadcast a majority of NBA games, so we all know how much their opinion matters. When was the last time you cared about the NBA? Other than my mild interest in my hometown Grizzlies (worst team in the league this season), the last time I gave a damn was the mid 90s when my boy, Anfernee Hardaway (great Memphis name) and Shaq were first making it happen in Orlando. Before that, I loved watching King Charles and Thunder Dan out west in Phoenix. Not to mention such OGs as Jordan, Johnson and Bird.

What the hell has happened to professional basketball? When did it lose The South? When did it lose mainstream, middle-class, white America?

Well, what made me think of all this is that after seeing the below Baron Davis Youtube facial, I realized I don't even know who's still alive in the playoffs. I can't recall the last time I watched a full NBA game on TV.

What has Baron Davis Ever done for me?

Dunks, while momentarily entertaining, leave me craving more from Pro-Basketball


  1. Your stance on the NBA is neither original nor clever. Try watching a little pro basketball before posting quotes that reveal your ignorance to the world. Can't get much better sports entertainment than Suns/Spurs for those that bother to watch.

  2. Oh, I've watched Pro Basketball. There is a reason it's ratings have been pathetic and falling since the late 90s.

    It may not be "original or clever" but where is it ignorant?

    Here's the Ratings for the Finals (not to mention the dreadful regular season):

    CBS 1990 12.3
    NBC 1991 15.8
    NBC 1992 14.2
    NBC 1993 17.9
    NBC 1994 12.4
    NBC 1995 13.9
    NBC 1996 16.7
    NBC 1997 16.8
    NBC 1998 18.7
    NBC 1999 11.3
    NBC 2000 11.6
    NBC 2001 12.1
    NBC 2002 10.2
    ABC 2003 6.5
    ABC 2004 11.5
    ABC 2005 8.2
    ABC 2006 8.5

    Note: The College Basketball Final Four is now consistently beating the NBA Finals.