Friday, May 4

Talladega Triangle Update...

No Punishment Issued in the Wake of Dega-Gate

Who knew this Matthew Stafford non-story had such beefy legs?

After two days of deliberation, hand wringing and gnashing of teeth, some people have started coming to their senses. The word from "680 The Fan" and The Atlanta Journal Constitution is that no formal punishment will be issued by the team or university. Coach Richt just had a little chat with Stafford and also got that little girl's number so he could "straighten her out." Whatever that means.

Oh, and by the way, The AJC confirmed that the unidentifiable bottom to Stafford's top is backup quarterback Joe Cox as previously thought. Irony is a strange beast. First Stafford bends him on the field, then he bends him in a field.

My favorite part of this non-story is the emergence of The College Football Conspiracy Theorist...

"You know what I heard...I heard Ole Big-Ears Tuberville sent dem Allbarn who-ers to get dem boys drunk, have dem pass out in da spoons position together and take funny pictures of 'em. It just ain't right."

Wow...All because I said "...Auburn Fan? " Really? Also...
"Shoot, them pictures is photoshopped"
Riiight. If so, those pictures are The Tim Tebow of Photo-jobs. But my favorite spin of all I heard on Atlanta sports talk today...

"Well, maybe some good will come of this. Maybe during this prom and graduation season, some parents will be extra cautious with their kids and underage

Hmmm, We're gonna have to agree to disagree on that one. I think after seeing those images, most men just wish they could drink beer and chase tail at Talladega too. Unfortunately, the women of Dega don't look like that. At all. It's likely she was lost. Or, on a mission from Tuberville. Either one.

Stafford - Spring Race - 2009


  1. I'm a Georgia fan but those pics are hilarious, kids doing stupid stuff that any of us would love to do. keep up the good work erik!!!

  2. I'm tired of everybody saying that Stafford is pudgy.

    He's not pudgy. Being in Talladega adds 10 pounds to everyone in pictures. Everybody knows that.

  3. How can anyone with half a brain print the garbage you spew. Yeah, it was stupid. And yeah he should have his butt chewed out. You have no idea what you are talking about. I feel like I've lost intelligence by just reading your garbage. Get a life!

  4. So you're saying you don't like my site?