Wednesday, May 9

NFL Draftee Update

The Fark of the Week and Various Other (Creepy) Sundries

- The draft confirmed what we already knew...Brady Quinn was an over hyped product of the Notre Dame BS machine. That's why he was sitting alone in the green room and commissioner Goodell had to run in and save his delicate ass (Aaron Rodgers is thinking "WTF?"). What we didn't know about was Quinn's love for man meat. Let the farking begin...

"Starting quarterback at Notre Dame?!? I'd do anything! Oh...Did you say FUPA?"

A sweet little Youtube from BradyFan83 (The other Brady QB) about Mr. Quinn (love the "Mediocre Girl" Reference)...

- Is it me, or does The Indianapolis Colts first round pick, Creepy Creeperson Anthony Gonzales look like a major league serial killer? (Note: he sleeps in an oxygen tent...Psycho...)

"It puts the helmet on its skin, or else it gets the hose again"

- And to end the post in a non-creepster fashion, we have a Patrick Willis update. A few pics of Willis at 49ers Mini-camp and a video of the future defensive rookie of the year installing a troublesome ear-ring and talking smack with fellow LB, Manny Lawson (Video: Who's the Fastest Linebacker???).

# 11 Overall Pick is nice, but he's just happy he's not living in f'n Buffalo


  1. It's great when insecure, unhumorous, and non-pussy getting southern frat boys make fun of guys like Brady Quinn and Matt Leinart.
    If you are going to make fun at least make it funny, that is all we ask.

  2. How did you know so much about me!

    Hey, I'll make a deal with you. I'll make it funny if you own your comments and put your name next to them. Speaking of pussy. (gasp)